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Ponytail without the "lumps" or "bumps"?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) July 7th, 2008

Is there a technique for tightening your ponytail without making the “lump” or “bump” in your hair around the tail?
Yaay, my hair is long enough again, but it frustrates me to no end that I can’t tighten my ponytail (using the grab-two-bits-of-hair-with-either-hand-and-pull-in-opposite-directions technique) without getting the “lumps” or “bumps” on the other side of the elastic band… there a way to get around this? Or is it just one of those things we haven’t mastered yet?

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The grab-two-bits-of-hair-with-either-hand-and-pull-in-opposite-directions technique, but do it several times. Usually you miss a few hairs in the centre of either bits. That creates the lump and or bump.

Twist your hair then push your whatever holds it together upwards. Twisting it creates some room for movement. Sadly this will lead to frizzy hair bits if done too often.

So maybe just doing it over is still the best solution, and it’s one of those things we’ll never master. I bet it’s a hippie conspiracy!

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I don’t think the grab-two-bits-of-hair-with-either-hand-and-pull-in-opposite-directions is the best idea, it breaks your hair leaving you with split ends and frizzy-ness. I reckon just brushing back your hair with a brush and pulling it into the pony tail with your hands simultaneously is the best way to go. Do you have to have it super tight? It’s not good for your hair, and if you do have it too tight all the time it pulls your hairline back from your forehead. Go with the messy just got out of bed look that seems to be in fashion at the moment :P

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This never worked effectively for me, but I suspect I am impatient. According to eHow, dividing the hair exactly in half is critical.

Divide the ponytail in half. With each hand holding a half, pull away from the head. This will tighten your pony tail.

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I like the idea of surrendering to the messy look…....if it weren’t for the fact my hair’s so flat I hardly need to brush it and it won’t stay up (or messed up) without considerable amounts of styling product.

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I’m glad you asked this question. I usually have to start all over again! I hate those lumps and bumbs!!

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Me too scamp! It’s been about a year since my hair was long enough, I just dug out all the elastics and clips and things, but it’s so annoying to have to either have the bumpiness or have the band slipping off gradually!

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I know the feeling, and my problem is that I have REALLY thick hair, and the weight of it pulls a pony tail out alot. I have to constantly readjust it. My neck stays cool, but I get a headache!!

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I find my ponytail looks the best when I don’t look at what I’m doing while I put my hair up. I don’t know why it works out that way, but it does.

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Don’t do the pull and tighten thing, it will only break your hair and you will regret having done it when it grows out. I’ve found the only barrettes that will hold in my hair are the French ones like this
They make imitations, usually in China that don’t work at all, so beware. I also use the silicon bands and those come in different sizes. I never pull, just redo. My hair isn’t thick but very slippery and those above are the only ones that work.

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Little time to style your hair, ponytail will always do good. I think even that messed look is good, even though ponytail hairstyle looks like messy, yet actually it needs some preparation to get one. The hanging hair has been curled in a contrasting smooth, creating beautiful twist, use your finger to comb the hair and create the ponytail.

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