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Why does yahoo e-mail want to know my location when I sign in?

Asked by snowberry (21287points) July 18th, 2014

It seems to me it’s an invasion of privacy. I always say no. Why on earth would they care? I put this question in social, but if anyone knows, please tell!

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So they can direct more meaningful local advertisements to you. They can sell a higher rate to the local muffler shop if the shop knows that they’ll be in front of 80% of the local viewers and they aren’t being shown to someone in another state.

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Ads directed to you at your vicinity. Local ads are driven to you. @zenvelo has the same thing. = => JINKS

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Facebook does something similar. If it detects you coming from a location where you have never been (example: I live in Atlanta but I logged in from a hotel in Seattle) then they ask you to identify something about yourself (birthday, friend’s name) in order to ensure it is really you.)

Ads may be a part of it, but security is also involved.

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Maybe just to see what you’d say ‘cause they already trace you by your ip address.

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@chewhorse I’ve used WiFi in a foreign country and the IP address was apparently just outside Oklahoma City, OK. I checked to see why the connection was so slow and app I used pointed to a ISP in the USA. I have also had my own ISP switch servers and end up with ads from another state. I know because FB asked for additional info for security, also checked with the app that showed the server in a different state.

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Thank you everyone. But if they already know where I am, why are they asking me to tell them where I am? These people have too much time on their hands!

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@Tropical_Willie .. Then that could be it.. They want to confirm where you are so it can coincide with the information they have on you at any given moment.. It’s called ‘snoopitis’ and it’s not limited to the NSA.

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