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Where are the hunter/killer drones?

Asked by stanleybmanly (15956points) July 19th, 2014

Considering the the notorious lethality and much vaunted effectiveness of the U S drone program, why has there been no rise in proliferation of effective countermeasures?

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Because you can use the same countermeasures for drones as you can for normal aircraft.

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So where are the drone interceptors?

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Anti drone technology exists. So far Israel has shot down 2 Hamas drones.

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Anti aircraft weapons work just fine in taking down drones. Other military aircraft generally have little to no problem in taking out drones. Also, while it’s pretty damn hard to take out a low flying military grade aircraft with small arms or assault weapons, it’s not as hard to take out a low flying drone given that they’re also more susceptible to damage from those sorts of weapons. The big advantages drones have, are smaller size making them harder to spot, stealth technology benefits them further against radar and – in some cases – they’re level of maneuverability is superior to other aircraft. And in some cases, the signal from the controller can be interrupted rendering the drone fairly harmless, like in the case two(?) years ago in Iran I believe it was.

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Drones work well against terrorists who don’t have the benefit of the use of military aircraft to counterattack them .

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