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Would you care to do a commercial?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7201points) July 22nd, 2014

If you could be promised of the quality of production, what product or service would you like to advertise? If you were allowed to pick just one thing, and do the commercial, would you? What would you choose? Would it because you really love that product or service, or because you just think it would be funny to keep a straight face advertising say…..... catheters?

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I’d prefer a hot young couple in the US make the commercial.
The content is so rich, they just need more listeners.

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ADult diapers & whooping lol

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IBM, and Intel processer commercials.

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Sort of off the topic of your question, but I have often wondered about the actors and actresses who are in the following types of commercials:

- the two women who are discussing which vibrator is the best one / most effective to take home

- any of the commercials dealing with erectile disfunction

- commercials for adult diapers

Don’t get me wrong —each of these products has uses, and lots of customers. But I wonder if the person making the ad is “real” in that he/she needs the product, or is just playacting.

If there is one type of ad I would enjoy making, it would be one of those fancy new cars/trucks driving through the country at a high speed.

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Crosses and garlic
To promote my crosses and garlic emporium

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@elbanditoroso They use actors for commercials.

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Well, Dark Greetings to all you, late night viewers tuning in to ch666, here we have what I like to call the Human Keg! This item makes the perfect gift to those who have just awakened and has the undeniable need to feed ASAP! All you do is tie a tight rope around the ankles which will allow all blood to rush to the bottom of your keg as it is suspended from titanium hooks, feel free to puncture anywhere you wish to feed from!! Did you know it also serves as a party favor blood sprinkler system! BUT WAIT THERES MORE! (flashes fangs) If you act now, youll receive a 12×12 tarp to keep your home, presentable! 1–800-567–0666

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@Dan_Lyons – of course, but my point is that the actors may feel a bit weird about some of these more intimate sales pitches

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High quality coffee.

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@elbanditoroso They’re actors. They don’t feel weird about earning a living.

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@elbanditoroso, I have seen some actors on talk shows talk about their struggle time doing real stupid commercials. They don’t feel great doing it, apparently, but picking up a paycheck makes it neccessary.

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@Jones Like Montels insurance commercials? It’s sad to see the sell-outs.

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I have had an idea for a commercial in my head for years, it’s for an Motocross dirt bike.

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A bike you know and love, or want to manufacter yourself?

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A bike I know and really like , had this idea for years it starts off with two space creatures talking about invading earth, then they look at their monitor and it shows this bike in a race, then they get up out of their seats and the bike is right there, and they start talking about how advanced the bike is and with technology like this they would never be successful at invading earth,so they pick another planet instead, and off they go.

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I’d like to see a very slick professional advertisement with the slogan “Death – the final frontier”.

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an all inclusive tropical vacation…shot on location.

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Now there’s thinkin’

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The Advantages of Alien Domination enforced with an Iron Tentacle.

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I’d hire a little fat bald man painted orange to advertise margarine.
“I can’t believe it’s not Buddha”

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Yes, for GEICO. Not because I especially like their company/product but because, as often as their commercials run nationwide, the income from residuals would be awesome.

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@Araphel That’s such a great idea but, what keeps me from getting blood drunk?

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@unholy thirst just enjoy the hangover, it won’t last long ;)

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Where are the wacky weed commercials & sitcoms? Those could be really funny.

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I think it would be fun and funny to have me and another woman about my same age, talking about he joys of watching any one of these shows: Elementary, Downton Abbey, or Love it or List it.

We would have slight valley girl accents and be saying things such as, “So then she’s all like, ‘Come on Sherlock we gotta down to the station, there’s been a murder!’” and then the other actress goes into a really bad fake British accent and says, “Don’t you think I know that Watson, but first I have to decipher this code!” and back and forth. In other words, it would be like real women talking about their favorite show. At the end, there would be a more polite voice over saying, “Elementary, Mondays at 9 PM”

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I should do pet food commercials for sure. I was just joking about this today buying my cats food with a women about my age in the pet food isle. I said they should make a ” vibrant maturity” formula for humans. lol

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