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Go to important casting or friend's birthday?

Asked by Kay (1608points) July 7th, 2008

Ok, so I have a bit of a conundrum. I just got an email from my agency for a really important casting that could potentially be very lucrative for me and I really really need the money right now. BUT, my friend’s 25th birthday is this Wednesday and a few of us took the day off so we could spend it with her and get manicures and go shopping and whatnot. I promised her I would do the Wednesday birthday stuff before I knew about the casting, obviously. However, I could still go to the casting and then meet up with the group later (I would have to miss a good chunk of the day-time activities though).
I’m also orchestrating a huge birthday dinner/celebration for her this weekend, so I don’t think she would be too pissed off if I missed most of the Wednesday stuff, but I still feel bad, since I technically made plans with her first. Any suggestions/advice?


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If she is a true friend she would understand. If this casting is important for you to be there I am sure she wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Since it is a day-time thing can you change the time, so you will be able to go and not miss anything?

talk to her tell her what’s going on. Give her a heads up in advance. Don’t wait last minute.

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The first deal isn’t carved in stone. If this casting is important to your future career, a good friend wouldn’t want you to miss it. I say go to the casting, no question.

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Or: What she said. :-P

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birthdays come and go, the casting sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime. and like you said in the description, you can always meet up with the group later and you have that whole weekend extravaganza planned! i am sure she will understand and be excited for your casting.

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Ask her, if she’s a true friend, she’ll order you to go to the call and then meet up with the group when you are finished.

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It would be unacceptable to blow it off for another social engagement, but a job is different. By joining them afterwards and going forward with your weekend plans, you are doing plenty to celebrate your friend’s birth!

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Definitely go to the casting call. I was in a similar predicament, and my friend understood perfectly. They understood how much my career meant to me, and actually kinda fussed at me for even thinking of missing it. A true friend will understand, and support you. Besides, you’re planning the weekend thing anyway. Go.

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I talked to her and she was totally cool with it, so hooray! :-) I figured she would be, but I was just worried because I had made the plans with her first. Thanks to everyone for the advice!

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yay! Good Luck with the casting!

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I told you she would understand. That’s Awesome wish you the best. Good luck tomorrow.

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See, TRUE friend. Great to hear it.

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Good luck at the casting. I think you did the right thing, and I’m glad to here she took it well. Enjoy the weekend party also!

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Good luck!

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This isn’t really an answer but I just wanted to say I’m touched at how considerate you are to your friend’s feelings. Thank you for valuing friendship so highly! And good luck!

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Just saw this question and now I want to know if you got the part?

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