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IPod Syncing Help?

Asked by speakerhead (256points) July 7th, 2008

I have a 16GB iPod Touch and I just added at least 2000 songs from my friends HD, but now i don’t have any room on my iPod. I was wonder how I can sync on my checked off songs in iTunes and not all 3500.

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Im going to try to decipher this. You added 2000 or so songs? And that plus what you already had on your ipod equals 3500. Which is roughly the amount of songs you can fit on to 16GB. Now your question is what? can you make more room on your ipod without erasing the songs from the ipod?

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Earlier today I had about 1300 and I added 2000 songs. Now when I plug my iPod in, it says I don’t have enough GB. I heard somewhere that you can check the songs you want and those will sync in to the iPod, but I unchecked the ones I don’t want in my iPod and it still is trying to sync them all in. So, basically I’m just wondering if anyone knows how I can set it up so that It only syncs the checked songs.

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So you added the 2000 songs directly to the ipod? Or to your itunes library?
Because you can have a billion songs in your itunes library and only sync the ones you want to your ipod. But if you put them on the ipod directly from a friends library then your not really syncing anymore your loading up your ipod with free music from your friend. Syncing involves matching what is in your itunes library to your ipod with the exception of tracks you dont want added. You dont have those songs from your friends HD in your itunes I assume. So I would guess that is your problem

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Either put the songs you wish to sync into a playlist & sync just that playlist, or check “Manually manage music” and drag them over.

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With both my iPod Classic and iPhone, there is a setting named “Sync only checked songs and videos” which shows on the device’s “Summary” tab in iTunes, when the device is connected.

I’ve never owned an iPod Touch, so I’m not positive it has the same settings available, but it sounds like you need to find that checkbox in iTunes, and check it. And of course you need to uncheck enough songs that the checked ones will all fit onto your iPod Touch.

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it is also the same with the ipod touch so youre right jasonjackson

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