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Gaming on the acer aspire 7551 3029?

Asked by XOIIO (18279points) July 28th, 2014

Hey all, I just got an acer aspire 7551 3029, 2.1ghz Athlon™ II P340, which has ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series graphics.

the gpu is 500mhz or so, and 256mb of ram

I also have my core i5 Lenovo T410s, with similar graphics speed (507mhz I think) and 512mb of graphics ram. It’s the NVIDIA ® NVS 3100M

I tried playing banished on the Lenovo and it barely ran at lowest settings, I was thinking this other machine might be good, though I could also sell it, I have it listed for $300 on kijiji. The screen is massive compared to the Lenovo, this machine is almost too big.

The acer has up to 1919mb hypermemory though, while the Lenovo does not being a business machine, that makes me think that it would be better for gaming, though I am not sure. The core i5 has a lot more grunt to it, 2.93ghz and hyperthreading.

I probably will keep the Lenovo but if the acer would work for gaming, at least a decent bit I’d be tempted to keep it and not sell.

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While that may be sufficient for some games, especially older titles from the early 2000’s or previous, the GPU cannot run modern games at a sufficient enough level to be playable. Games from the 7th generation(2006-present)of gaming will not look or play good at all.

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Laptops are just crummy all around for gaming. There are only a few manufacturers who make game capable laptops.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Yeah, I was just hoping I would have a half decent one to play simple stuff while relaxing in bed. The GPU in the T410s (which I m using now) is better anyways it seems.

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The price you pay for convenience is poor gaming performance. If you want >20 FPS, get out of bed and boot up your desktop.

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@jerv But that’s a whole 3 feet away!

(plus it’s always running)

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Nobody said you had to get dressed.

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@jerv But it involves… effort.


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Remote desktop ; )

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Well, that would work; the 3D rendering would be done by the desktop system, leaving only the regular display of a 2D image to be transmitted. Since most laptops are fully capable of showing regular video reasonably well, it’s just a matter of bandwidth and latency on the home LAN.
Still, while it might be possible to get decent framerates that way, certain games are ping-dependent enough that it might be an issue. I know @XOIIO also plays World of Tanks, and trust me, there’s a huge difference between 40ms ping and 125ms ping, so the latency would still be a bit of a restriction. But for less twitchy games, I see it as a viable option.

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Yeah I’d have to use VNC, steam remote streaming barely works and teamviewer is too slow.

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Remote desktop only works decently with Direct-X games.

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