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What event/incident has made you acknowledge the temporary nature of life?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20163points) July 28th, 2014

Has something helped you realize that everything is temporary, we are not here forever and there is no point in worrying yourself sick over anything?

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The death of my brother and the break-up of my marriage.

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Being alive for 43 years.

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Almost drowning in the North Saskatchewan river when I was 12 changed my life.

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All in one year I lost my dad and 2 fraternity brothers and I was diagnosed with a precondition of the disease that killed my dad.

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Sorry. ^^^ Real sorry.

After each new wave of illness, not getting as much better as last time.

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Yes, I went through some big awakenings about 10–12 years ago now, but, in this moment I am faced with an extremely dire and stressful situation and am having a hard time applying this philosophy in the moment again. Vacillating between moments of calm and sheer panic right about now.

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I think we all believe that life is temporary from a very young age. But we’re only reminded of our impermanence when it hits us in the face (illness, death of a loved one, near death, etc). Even now, with health issues as a constant reminder, I live a large part of each day as though I believe I will live forever.

I am reminded – and proceed to forget – many times per day.

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Having occasional bouts of hypochondria.

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When I suffered an ectopic rupture and had a blood pressure of 40 (it was too low to get a diastolic reading) just before going into emergency surgery.

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The relentless and accelerating number of funerals will do it for you. This is the sort of question only a young person muddles over. There will come a point in your life (if you’re fortunate) when you will speculate on why the number of funerals you attend exceeds the weddings christenings and graduations combined. I don’t even bother to hang the black suit in the closet anymore. The wife removes it from sight. She thinks leaving it in plain view is asking for depression. She started paying close attention when I told her that the black suits are the only ones that ever seem to wear out.

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Puberty, no longer shall I gaze upon shiny bald genitals, although I did once shave down there, looked like a startled snake.

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You are so… ^^^^^^ ....... thanks for the visual.

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A PSA blood test result of over 20!

It has been at Zero for 5 years. I guess that means I’m immortal.

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@LuckyGuy Basically every Y chromosome on my dads side of the family has had prostate cancer. I’m not looking forward to it. I get my psa checked at every physical now.

Congrats on five years!

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Long story, shortened:

My 53yo cousin married her HS sweetheart at 17. They married, and had one child, a girl, “apple of her daddy’s eye”. Girl grows up, gets a degree, starts teaching and meets a guy, a mortician-to-be, 3 hours away. They marry, have a son. Finally the family is to be reunited…the kids are moving back here! I was on the fringe of moving then back.

My cousin’s husband, the dad, dies in his sleep @53 one night. They have the funeral. Less than a week later, the son-in-law takes possession of the Funeral Home, which he’d purchased in order to be closer to her family.

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My mother’s recent passing (no one in my family between me and the Grim Reaper now) and the untimely passing of one of my oldest friends a few years ago.

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So i’m a series of arrows pointing due north? Thanks for the err…thing.

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One of my former coworkers just passed away. She was 55 and had colon cancer. Makes me realize it could have been any of us.

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My ex-boss/landlord from Jasper died last week in his 50’s from cancer.

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