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What's a good font to make a flyer for the deceased at a funeral service?

Asked by jca (36062points) July 30th, 2014

A friend passed away and the family is in need of a simple flyer for the memorial service. There will be little writing, the name, dates, and a few words. I am going to paste some photos and otherwise, keep it simple.

I am looking at the fonts available. I was thinking Lucida Handwriting.

What do you think?

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Pendry Script would be nice.

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I would caution against using too much “handwriting-style” text, which can be hard to read. Here’s a sampler of some common fonts used for this purpose. I’m partial to Garamond, myself.

Probably best to choose a single font, then use the italic where desired, rather than mixing and matching different ones.

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Times Romans or Garamond are safe. I used to have a very simple script on an old computer, and I don’t remember the name of the font, but I liked it very much. Nothing to curly-q. Anyone could read it who read script. However, from what I understand some kids are not learning it anymore, so I guess maybe there is a risk very young people will have a little trouble.

You could also consider a font that you feel really suited the personality of the person who has passed away and the type of reception they are doing for the person. Is it more upbeat, sort of a celebration of his life? Or, a very quiet time of mourning and rememberence.

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She was a fun person, kind of wacky, kind of silly, like a child almost.

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Maybe the font Georgia? I don’t think you want to go as childlike as comic sans or something similar do you? I like fonts like comic sans, I just am not sure for a funeral.

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I just remembered I think one I liked was called brushed script?

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@dappled_leaves is correct.

Your best bet is a serif font that has a few type-styles (bold, italic, demi-bold, etc.)

I also like Georgia (as @JLeslie suggested).

Times (New Roman) is far too overused.

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I’m a big fan of Georgia, as well.
I use Comic Sans almost exclusively, because it’s so darned readable.
In @dappled_leaves sampler, I’m drawn to Andalus. Simple and elegant. Should be an easy read for anyone that easily reads English.

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How about this?

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Papyrus is as “fun” as I would go.

I also like Georgia, Garamound, as well as Book Antiqua.

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Comic Sans?

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