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Would you take a dip in Florida waters with their flesh eating bacteria?

Asked by Aster (18320points) July 30th, 2014

On the news today some young person is very sick and a few have died from entering the waters of Florida. Seems flesh eating bacteria are in there now even though they’re saying you’re AOK if you don’t have an open sore. Would you jump in?
I wouldn’t.

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Interesting…Is the virus new? I guess you’ll be OK if you swim on the non-gulf side. I haven’t heard of this before, but I never trusted the Hillsboro River anyway…

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They even have this bacteria in hospitals. New? Relatively new I guess.
A woman on Oprah three years ago got it in a hospital and lost most of both arms and legs. She says she can still do everything she used to do. With a family to raise she is an inspiration and received some sort of award from Oprah.

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I have a pretty healthy fear of having my flesh eaten—by bacteria, brown recluse venom, sharks or otherwise.

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Hell, I wouldn’t dip my toe in the state of Florida! I’m standing my ground on that.

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The problem, to me, is that this is a major scare with precious little information. I would definitely not write off the whole state of Florida. I might be more cautious on the couple of beaches where the problem is occurring.

But remember that a woman in Georgia lost several limbs from a flesh eating bacterial two years ago – and she was zip-lining in the forests of N Georgia.

You can’t stop doing everything because a couple people get sick. If you did you would live in a bubble.

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I am (again) with the elephant… I do not like the state of Florida in the least. The weather alone is good reason to never go there.

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Or-e-Oh yes, @cookieman, that awful hot, muggy weather. And then there are the hurricanes and hanging chads.

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The first time I heard of “flesh eating bacteria” it was called MRSA. In the US, MRSA kills more people than AIDS. Having had a MRSA infection and survived, no, I would not jump in! (There are other antibiotic resistant super bugs besides MRSA so it might not exactly be MRSA, but it is just as deadly if not more so.)

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You make it sound so inviting. ~

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I think a lot of people having survived Michigan and Wisconsin winters, go to the extreme and move to “the alligator state” of Florida. It is so muggy and miserable that the only thing they have to offer me is great seafood. We spent a few days in ugly Okeechobee Florida and Never have I had such outstanding crab cakes. After we left, the entire chain went out of business. It was called, (something Gators , I can’t remember). TJ Gators? It’s on google. lol

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The article says in brackish waters, so yes I would go into the Atlantic ocean and even the gulf on the beaches like Cleawater beach and most of the west coast. The ocean isn’t brackish, except for select areas where fresh water rivers run into it.

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FYI a lot of the population carries MRSA around on their skin. Any cut risks an infection. Also, necrotizing bacteria does not need to be MRSA.

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Don’t forget the brain eating amoeba as well!

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