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Do you use honey to sweeten your coffee?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) July 31st, 2014

If you do, how does that work for you-? Is honey really healthy compared to sugar-? Thanks.

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Coffee shouldn’t be sweetened.

Sugar is sugar – mostly. I’m not sure the trace nutrients found in honey make much of a difference – especially if it’s just a bit mixed into your coffee. And if you’re a diabetic it won’t make any difference.

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I do occasionally, but not for health or flavor reasons. I do it to get rid of the crystallized honey stuck to the sides and bottom of the container. I cannot tell the difference in flavor.
I’m.sure I just horrified a few coffee purists.

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I never heard of such a thing. Honey in tea yes, but never in coffee. Although, I agree with @hominid sugar is sugar for the most part. I would assume the bacterias in honey are killed off if the coffee is it’s usual very hot temperature, so any benefit from that would be lost if someone hopes to get a benefit from it. I think some people don’t like sugar because it is processed, bit if the only concern is sugar levels in the body I think it all is pretty much the same.

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No, usually black. If I sweeten it at all I use one of the flavored creamers my wife likes.

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I eat my peas with honey
I’ve done it all my life
It makes the peas taste funny
But it keeps them on my knife.

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Having been advised by my doc last week that I need to cut down on sugar, I used honey in my coffee yesterday. I liked the taste, but judging from the above comments, I didn’t do much for my health. :(

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Honey is sugar plus whatever else came from the bee – pollen, spores (which can be dangerous to infants), etc. Don’t conflate the word “natural” with the word “healthy”. That being said, nothing in honey will be dangerous to you, as long as what you are buying is pure honey. So-called honey imported from Asian countries can contain very little actual honey because it is cut with corn syrup, and contains toxins and other products not permitted in locally-produced honey. So be sure to check your labels and buy locally.

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No, I use sugar.
I do occasionally use honey on tea.

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God forbid no. But I will never believe that it is just as harmful as regular sugar. Or that it contains zero nutrients.

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sugar is a nutrient.

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@Aster As harmful in what way? If you mean in terms of sugar levels in your body, I’d say it’s the same.

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I like my coffee the way I like my men. Black and strong. Or ground up, and kept in the freezer.

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I use honey in my tea sometimes but not because of any health reason, just because I like the flavour. I don’t think it would taste so nice in coffee. In any case, honey is still sugar so if you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake, replacing it with honey won’t help.

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If I’m going to sweeten my tea, I will use honey. If it’s crystallized, I will pour some of the hot water into the honey jar to dissolve it, and then pour that into the tea cup.

I have been told that the benefits of honey are that local raw honey serves as an immunotherapy for the pollens of local plants to those who have allergies. The theory is similar to the allergy shots (or sublingual serums available nowadays) to help the body gradually build a tolerance. I have heard that heat destroys these benefits, though.

I am grossed-out at the thought of honey in coffee. Those two flavors seem incompatible. Starbucks had a honey-something-or-other latte a couple years ago, and it tasted yucky.

I use a blend of raw organic cane sugar and turbinado sugar in my coffee. There’s something about the molasses in the turbinado that works with the coffee flavor, and I find that I can use less sugar than if I’m using the cane sugar only. I also tried incorporating cinnamon to reduce the amount of sugar; but since cinnamon doesn’t dissolve, it didn’t work well. Another suggestion has been to use a spoonful of coconut oil in the coffee – but that just separates and floats on top, as you’d expect oil to do.

The flavored creamers are full of corn syrup and/or artificial sweeteners and other artificial ingredients. I try to eat as naturally as I can, so I use Farmland Fat-Free ‘Half-and-Half’ that doesn’t have any added sweeteners or flavors (most of the other brands have corn syrup and other artificial nonsense).

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I just checked prices here.
A 5 pound bag of sugar is $2.80 = $0.56 per pound
A 2 pound jar of clover honey is $7.00 = $3.50 per pound

Since both products are basically sugar, honey costs about 6 times more than sugar for the equivalent sweetness.

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