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How many of your alien abductions do you remember?

Asked by ragingloli (41839points) August 6th, 2014

Or how many of your alien abductions do you dream about?
Your feedback is important, to evaluate the effectiveness of our mind wipe technology.

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You can consider your mind wipe tech a success.

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I remember all of them. I also remember every individual I abducted. None of them remember it—not even you.

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Five years ago I was drugged and taken to a white, cold room. I heard whooshing and beeping sounds and voices but could not understand the language.
When I woke up, my prostate was gone.
According to the Kanamit’s book they are delicious when cooked with a dash of cosmic dust.

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Your mind wipe technology is to successful it’s turning most earthlings into complete morons with no common sense at all, so for the sake of humanity turn it down a couple notches OK??

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My tinfoil technology is out-witting you. :p

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I remember all of my alien abductions. I abducted two aliens in 1983, seven in 1988, 1990 – 1995 were slow, only one each year, but in 1996 I abducted six aliens.
Since then, forty four others. You have eluded me, @ragingloli, you slippery scamp, you.

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I think if I were sure I had one it would be so serious to me I wouldn’t talk about it; at least not on here.

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Once I had a ’‘dream’’ that an old man was stuffing entrails down my throat. I couldn’t move and I was choking on the guts while he was laughing like mad. If your mind wipe device is responsible for putting in illusions and dreams to cover what little I might otherwise remember, could you use a nice futanari instead?

Also lmao, ’‘customer service’’.

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They rejected me. Apparently I’m too weird even for aliens.

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No memories, just flames shooting out my ass!

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Just one, I killed them all and walked out of the steaming wreckage of their ship covered in alien blood with a chainsaw and a chihuahua. They never messed with me again or experimented with dogs….

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I’m sending this message from Interstellar 8X647c.
Your crew wouldn’t die, so I jettisoned them all towards a local hazard on the radar.
I won’t go into some speech questioning what you possibly hope to gain from an investigation of Earthlings… That’s laughable.. But bioscan for quantum habitation from now on! Some of us are trying to relax on MY ONLY VACATION EVER!


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None I recall (must be working) but I saw a UFO once when I was young.

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