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If you were able to relive any part of your life, which part would you choose?

Asked by Araphel (1635points) August 12th, 2014

What was the most interesting moments you lived?

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* First kiss (not to mention the ones that followed)
* Standing in front of a jazz club in Times Square listening to Gene Krupa pound the drums
* Being at the March on Washington in 1963
* Walking across frozen Walden Pond on a frigid October day
* Buying and then setting up my first iMac
* Going on fishing trips with my dad and learning how to drive with my mom
* A trip to China and first trip to England
* Oh, and about a billion others

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My pregnancy and giving birth and having my little baby. Happiest thing ever.

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I honestly don’t know. My first 12 years where filled with kindness and family love, I didn’t know life could be a bitch. Then my first kiss was really nice, as was the first time I got laid. My first time up Whiteface Mountain was pretty special, as were some of the meals and experiences up there. Swimming in Mirror Lake this past July was wild. Holding my nephew when he was a baby, barely 5 weeks was amazing. Just talking with you has been great. Some of my concerts were great. The Cars was different. The first time I fell totally head over heels in love might be the one thing I might want to re-experience.

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Last summer, living in Acadia National Park with my buddies. Hiking, bird-watching, working, forming new friendships, and drinking lots and lots of wine. By far the best weeks of my life.

Only this time around, I would break up with the dude I was dating at the time and pursue my best friend from the project group, who is now my boyfriend. We had a crazy sexual tension thing the whole summer that made me feel pretty guilty. It would have been fun and incredibly romantic to have been with him back then.

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@Mariah We all have done that. I should have, would have, etc. Don’t sweat it, just glad things worked eventually.

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In 1980 I spent a week in New York City with the one true love of my life, and I’d be happy to re-live that week forever.

Around 2000, I had total freedom and drove myself through the American Southwest, just seeing the sights as they came to me. That was pretty freaking awesome, too.

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Kindergarten, except the chicken pox part.

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How long do we get to marinate in this moment should we revive it?

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Being hugged by the one who got away.

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Can’t think of a thing.

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I’m with @Espiritus_Corvus. There’s nothing I’d want to re-do. Eww.

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One night in a hotel, not so long ago.

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One night in a cemetery….

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@WickedVamp Very nice touch. I want that back very badly.

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