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What (or who) do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) August 12th, 2014 from iPhone

Has it always been that way?
How did it become that way?

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I guess my answer is food. It was not always like that for me, it started in my thirties.

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My siblings. It has always been this way.

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My wife’s nephew. We basically re-raised him from age 17 to 24 when he moved here and in with us. He was such a narrow minded, angry, misogynistic, punk. It was a ton of work (and I almost killed him a few times), but he turned out to be a half way decent human being. Problem is, he’s still such a block head sometimes. Gah!

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The country I currently reside. It is good to me in some ways but is so harsh sometimes.

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Driving. I’m very good at it and very precise. But so many MFer’s try to kill me every damn day. This is fing ridiculous.

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A co-worker. She’s a delightful person, great fun to be around, my best friend here at work; but I hate collaborating with her on an actual job. We’re very incompatible in how we go about things.

I’m pretty sure that she sees me struggling to squelch my eye rolls and I feel bad about that, but I still really like her.

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They’re tasty, but feels like i’m undressing a sheathed penis & we can’t be having that, oh dear me no!

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eating meat

I had no problem with it for 20 years, then was a vegetarian for 9 years, and have been eating it for the past 13.

Sometimes I absolutely love it. Other times, I get real queasy about the whole thing and will stay away for some time.

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I love it when I have it and hate when it’s gone.

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I offer myself to him without reservation and he rejects me.

I, though being overcome with resentment and doubt continue to pine for loli’s sweet affection.

My feelings for him are so mixed, so very contradicting it might very well tear me apart.

I just want to bear loli’s tentacle bristling spawn.

Is that so terribly unreasonable?

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@SecondHandStroke I thought ragingloli was a girl?

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He… She’s a girl.

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Loli is allll woman ;)

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I assumed loli was a guy posing as a manga girl

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^ And you would be correct.

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People. Need them, love some, but hate being surrounded by them at times.

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