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Does anyone polish their shoes any more?

Asked by janbb (51584points) August 13th, 2014

Sparked by a novel set I the 19th century. Of course, I remember doing it and my Ex also polishing in the past, but I don’t usually wear leather shoes often now. How about you?

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Polish contains waxy oils that preserves leather’s softness. This is vital to the prevention of cracks.

It also weatherproofs leather. This helps prevent contamination, especially by salt.

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My dress shoes always get a fresh shine after I wear them. They have outlasted many other shoes that I don’t polish.

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No. The only dress shoes I have are more function-able then they are fashionable.
In fact, I took a pic of them the other day. Here they are in their unpolished glory. I don’t have a white-collar job or anything.

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I do it before every presentation. I like the look and aroma of Kiwi shoe polish.

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We leave all that business to our butler, fine chap is good old Carstairs.

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My husband does it for both of us. When we lived more north he also polished my boots at the beginning of the winter.

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I’m pretty sure they do on Doc Martin and Murdoch Mysteries. I never knew I had a wee bit of a man’s dress shoe fetish until I started watching those shoes, uh I mean shows. Oh, and Downton Abbey too, but Martin Clunes shoes are by far the best : P

Nice Shoes : )

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I don’t do it before every wear but if they’re looking a bit dull I’ll give them a quick rub over and my husband gives my shoes a good polish if I ask him too. He does his regularly. I try to only buy leather shoes and I want them to last and look nice.

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Every major airport has a shoe shine booth… I suppose they would re-purpose that space if no one ever used it.

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