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What might this pain be?

Asked by janbb (51322points) August 17th, 2014

I have gone to a podiatrist and will go to my internist when I get home. For about a month, when I wake up, I have severe pain in my inner right ankle and it hurts to put weight on it. As soon as I walk a bit the pain eases. It hurts occasionally through the day but not as much as in the morning – which is what puzzles me. Doesn’t matter what shoes I wear. I do have flat feet and pronated ankles. I wear orthotics most of the time.

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Hmm it’s possible that it’s become over pronated. See here janbb

Also my friend expressed pain to me in his ankles and he found out he had gout. He quit drinking things that would cause inflammation in his body and he recovered.

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Ahh I wasn’t done… (My buddy was a heavy energy drink/coffee user) So he cut those out and became good.

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Plantar_fasciitis Try stretching your foot before putting weight on it each morning and change your shoes if they are old. Get inserts if they are not. I have had this a couple of times from running in old shoes.

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I once had mysterious ankle pain on my right ankle like yourself. It would seem fine most of the day but in the morning it would feel stiff and painful. Then one night I realized I tend to tuck my right foot under me on the seat when I was on the computer and when I would sleep on my back, I would move my ankle outward because I didn’t like the pressure of the sheets on my toes. I also realized that whenever I did step exercises I would land harder on my right foot. I stopped doing all three and haven’t had any weird pains since then.

Not sure which one was most responsible but I’m sure all of them had something to do with it. Could be you rely mostly on your right foot when stepping or running or walking. You may unconsciously baby your left foot more when walking.

I would imaging your pronated ankles have a lot to do with the problem. No matter what orthotics you wear, it doesn’t cure your situation nor will it mean you can be on your feet all day or do a ton of walking or running. I would imagine that the only thing that could truly help would be surgery.

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I have congenital flat feet, and plantar fasciitis. When my feet started to hurt more than usual, I decided my specific brand of shoe inserts were probably worn out. I looked, but I couldn’t find my style of inserts in the stores anymore. Turns out the manufacturer stopped making them.

Then I went past a Good Feet store and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try them out. I got their cheapest insert called a slimline. They tried to hard sell me for more expensive inserts, but I insisted on the entry level ones. I think it cost about $60 or so, which sounded expensive until I realized they’re guaranteed for life against breakage, and in a few years I’d make my money back. I can change out the same inserts into every pair of of shoes I have, even flip-flops.

When I wear these inserts my feet don’t hurt. It even prevents the plantar fasciitis which they told me is normal. I took my daughter in and got her a pair because she’s on her feet all day. She’s thrilled because it helps her back ache.

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I’m thinking it might be gout. I’m going to try to get in to the doctor tomorrow .

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