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What is the thing you are really good at?

Asked by downtide (23468points) August 25th, 2014

Let’s have a more positive version of @Mimishu1995’s question. What are your natural gifts and talents?

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Here’s mine:

1. Creative Writing.

2. Art (in particular, painting – I’m not so good at drawing)

3. I am really good at map-reading and navigating (as long as I have a map). Often when we’re stuck in traffic on a motorway, my partner will toss me an atlas and say “I’m coming off the motorway at the next exit – get us home”. I entered an orienteering contest once – first and only time ever – and won it by almost half an hour.

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Making and keeping friends.


Writing and editing




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Setting a course and seeing it through.
Also known as ‘Getting my way’.
I can only talk about something for so long, and then I have to set a course, and do. Once I set a course, few people or things can stand in my way.

Innovation. I can re-purpose almost anything, and I can usually come up with at least three possible solutions to almost any problem.

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Parenting, my kids are testament to this.
Having a laugh, being positive.
Sports, good at most, always have been, especially football/golf/tennis/snooker/pool.

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I can make it fun, most of the time.

Training dogs
probably for the same reason.

I think.

Keeping a poker face
I try not to use this talent for evil.

Being loyal
Too much so, on occasion.

because I like it.

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Organizing thoughts and visuals
I am really good at the editing stage of a project—for essays, writing, publishing, graphics/layout, theater or performing arts. I can find the places in a project that put an unnecessary cognitive demand on the viewer/reader. It’s like I have a very, very critical eye that can catch issues without being judgmental about it.

I have 3 interstate cheer championships, 2 state pageant winners, 1 national pageant winner, 7 former theater students in professional jobs including one on a ABC Family show and another working at the Royal Theater Company in London, 4 state champion swimmers—these people I coached. I always wanted to be the winner, but never was, but somehow can coach others to do well.

Managing a classroom
In 10 years of teaching, I only had one major classroom management problem with one student. I’ve never had to involve the administration and am able to create a positive, friendly environment that still has an expected work-ethic.

I never feel I’m a good enough teacher, but my students have told me different.

After writing this… somehow I think all 4 of these work together…

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Bird/Animal knowledge/care
Gardening knowledge/care
Making soups and sauces
Talking! lol

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Playing piano
Being a great listener

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Avoiding telling people I’m no good at anything.

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COoking, marriage, being a good daughter & most important, being a responsible adult. I never give up.

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I’m also a good leader/trainer, although I never seek the position out unless it is to replace someone incompetent.

I once led a team at work that generated a $50,000 improvement to a production line (I was a line worker, but not on that line). We drew up blueprints for a cart that could hold 5 400 pound, 3 foot rolls of film, found and ordered 2 cranes to hoist the film, and redesigned 2 platforms into one. The thing I was most proud of? Not one single thing had to be changed or modified when the project executed and completed. We had dotted every i, crossed every t. It was a huge, HUGE safety improvement.

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Making friends (keeping is another thing)
Small talk (maybe)

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avoiding work.

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I can make the best soap in the world.

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Repairing hems
Cleaning the corners
Finding ground score
Setting up lawn parties
Finding neat stuff in clouds
Making fun oatmeal
losing at poker

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@Here2_4 A lawn party sounds just lovely right about now.

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@Here2_4 Fun oatmeal?! :)

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A drop of cherry flavoring, with two drops of blue food coloring.
Raisins on top to form a face,
Mini marshmallows, or some other surprise hiding in the bottom.
Things like that, or serve in ice cream cones.

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^ Ah. That does sound fun! :]

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Annoying people. :D

I care deeply about the truth and have little patience for those that distort it.

If you want a straight answer – particularly if it’s not a palatable one – ask me.

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Ignoring screaming toddlers who don’t want to take a nap.

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I think I’m alright at drawing and writing. I’m also somewhat good at medicine, history and anthropology. A little good!

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Welcome, @Misspegasister28. That’s a good little to have. :-)

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