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What aspect of your health concerns you most?

Asked by flutherother (26897points) August 29th, 2014

and what do you do about it?

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My health is great. I am concerned about either mental or physical decline as I age and the prospect of a lingering death.

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My social health… I need to share my life with someone, who is a good listener.

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I feel like I should exercise more.

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My blood pressure. Despite doing all the right things, it did not come down until I got on medication.

Hypertension is the undiscussed health issue amongst men. I was at a party last Christmas and mentioned I had gotten on BP medication. Suddenly five other men I’ve known for years said, “I’m on it too.”

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My physique. I know it’s not the most important aspect of my health, but it’s for (probably irrational) psychological reasons that I wish I was bigger. Other than that, I’m pretty healthy and eat very healthily, too.

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My reproductive health. When I’m trying to get pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding, I take way better care of myself.
I realize taking care of myself in the longterm would have better results. I just never remember to!

Also, my sister is schizophrenic and I worry about passing that or something along the autism spectrum (they are often related) to my kids.

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Not getting, or rather making myself get, enough exercise. Both physical and mental.

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Not getting run over by a car.

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Aging. I need to get a lot more physical, watch my diet, take supplements and get a better outlook. I want to age well. Meaning, be in decent shape, be well, fit and healthy. Wish me luck!

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I have anxiety (borderline hypochondria) over my health and as a result I take meticulous care of it. I did not always which helps feed my anxiety. That’s my only real health issue thus far.

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The possibility of heart disease. I have other health things that annoy me more and sadden me a lot, but heart disease or stroke is the heath issue that looms over me more and more.

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The fact I’m a hundred lbs over weight, and having a real bitch trying to get it down.

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I’ve taken way too many concussions.

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My apparent “bad genes”.

Despite taking pretty good care of myself, I have been diagnosed over the past ten years with with type 2 diabetes, bad knees, bad shoulders, and (most recently) a heart condition.

As my doctor said, “If I just look at your vital signs and blood work, you should live forever. Too bad you have bad genes. Blame your parents.”

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Stress. I have gained weight and been very depressed this last 18 months after undergoing some major life shifts. I am worried about heart disease from all this stress.

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Pre 60’s weight gain, and the, I assume, nerve damage in my feet.

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My dizzy spells are my priority.

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Generally getting out of shape. I try to stay trim and reasonably fit to avoid the physical and mental problems that can be caused by being over weight.

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Mental health. But it’s so much fun talking to those tiny little blue people in the kitchen.

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My wonky immune system and its attacks on my body that cause me constant pain (that varies in degree and location) and extreme fatigue.

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My ocular migraines and vision.

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WHAT, me worry? Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’m gonna die anyway.

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the alcohol poisoning.

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