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Will I survive? Back crown broken off at gum line. Only build up is showing.

Asked by Aster (18382points) August 30th, 2014

So this tooth has ached for months and I will call a new dentist Tuesday. Never had a root canal when they put the crown on, which broke off in July and I can feel this metal thing. It’s smooth, not sharp. It isn’t my wisdom tooth; had that extracted decades ago. So will he put pliers under the gum and twist it and pull or what? Should I call a gum specialist instead? (periodontist)

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Talk to your dentist after he takes alook at it, and discuss the best cost, and pain free option there is for you.
And failing to do that ,you just might not survive.(just kidding)

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I wonder if I can call an oral surgeon or is that five grand? I didn’t mean periodontist. Used the wrong term as usual. Thanks.

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We have one dentist here, other than that I doubt anyone can advise you. If it were me, I’d phone my dentist rooms, or visit him and ask him to refer me to the correct person, if that is necessary.

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I had a crown come off a couple years ago. The dentist made a new crown.

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Go to your dentist and s/he will determine if you need to see an oral surgeon. Is this the same tooth you’ve been talking about for weeks?

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Disclaimer: I am not a dentist.

It sounds to me like the metal thing you describe is the material to which the crown was attached. I would be surprised if your dentist would fit a new crown to the old material without having to replace it. Probably a bit more of the tooth will have to be removed before putting in a new crown, and if the tooth is giving you pain, you may need a root canal.

But even your dentist wouldn’t try to tell you what needs to be done without looking at the tooth. That’s the obvious first step.

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The metal thing is the build up. It may be possible to have another build up done and have it re crowned. If it is hurting, it could be that the nerve is exposed and you will need a root canal. From what you said, it sounds restorable.

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When he put the new crown on, there was a significant amount of grinding. I hate dentists a LOT. Took 20mg Valium so was real relaxed for the appointment. Edited for spelling.

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When you have to grind a crown to fit, it was a faulty impression or the lab layered it too much. A good crown can be seated in 3 minutes. Go elsewhere.

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I must go elsewhere; the crown was placed in another state.
The aching (or something) resulted last night in diarrhea then half an hour of the worst shaking chills imaginable . I’m glad nobody saw this since they would have either called 911 or given me an Oscar for acting. I could not sit up, talk or stop shaking all over. Fever all night long then the stupid dogs woke me up barking at 7am. I’m not thirsty and only a tiny bit weak. My top was damp all night from fever. I’m slightly surprised I’m still alive and walking around. I think this involves at least two teeth both on the same side thankfully.

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I think he was making the post smaller or grinding off the old glue or something like tha. The cap was on in a couple minutes.
Ruh Roh sounds not so good. Sounds like a root canal and/or implants in your future.

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