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If men were really from Mars, what kind of a place would it be?

Asked by kritiper (13041points) September 2nd, 2014

As asked.

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Mars would look exactly like my darling husband’s car, which I’ve affectionately named The Well of Crap. There are old newspapers, dirty socks and t-shirts, and who-knows-what else piled everywhere.

I just laugh. I’m a meticulous homemaker, so Paul’s car is the only place where he has free reign to be messy. A man’s car is his own domain, so Paul can do as he wishes. Within that Acura, Paul is the King of Crap.

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Red and dusty ! ;>)

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A home for wayward boys?

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Ah hell let me try this: At least part of the female population isn’t lesbian. Covers head, balls, and face. Hope it’s enough.~

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A place where men ate cars, then bars, then only ate guitars. Get up!

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All the guys would look like John Madden. That guy manages to rumple a trench coat while he’s standing up, and his hair is somehow perpetually disheveled. If the Pigpen character from “Peanuts” were to grow up, he’d probably be John Madden’s doppelganger.

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Or perhaps they’d look like this.

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Big TV screens, fast cars, and women in thongs. I hope those women can wear a fur coat with the thong, because the men would also have the thermostat set too cold!

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I’m thinking this

You are welcome!

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A tad smelly?

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Loads of tun, lots of penis sized craters in the dust, gotta hump sumfin.
The butt plug industry dominates the financial sector on Uranus.

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A very well organized, planet-wide, peaceful civilization with the singular unified goal of getting to Venus.

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Pythonesque. I imagine much silliness and it would be loud.

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A place I wanna be.

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