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Is the font for the words "Activity for you" and "Questions for you" different today, or is it just some fluke with my computer?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 4th, 2014

My font is different for those two lines, today for the first time.

Is it that way for you, too?

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the fonts on all 3 categories appear to be the same on my screen

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Everything looks as normal to me @jca.

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I’ve noticed a difference the past week. The font is not as dark or large as it used to be for me.

I thought it was an issue with my computer.

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Normal on mine.

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I don’t see anything.

How are they different @jca?

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Like @jonsblond said, it’s a bit smaller and not as bold as previously, and the font is more like an old typewriter’s font as opposed to the font on the rest of Fluther.

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For me, the font looks exactly the same as it’s always been since forever.

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@jca I sometimes encounter the same problem as you too, but it is mostly because there is some error while the page loads. I can get over it very quickly by reloading the page.

Which device are you using?

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It’s different for me too, @jca. I’m using the same device I usually do (my laptop). Here’s a screenshot: (the change is where it says “1000 new”).

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@Mariah: Yes, that’s it! Weird.

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