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What song would be good for a freestyle jumping routine (details in description)

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) July 9th, 2008

my water ski jump team is competing in regionals and we have to figure out what song to use for our music. we are doing freestyle jumping so we are looking for rock style music, kinda fast paced, up beat. nothing too hardcore though. for example we used “rock you like a hurricane one year” and “taking care of business” another year. the song needs to go along with our costumes. for costumes we are wearing dress suits, and when we come in to shore we dance to the song “sharp dressed man” by zz top. we were thinking “back in black” to stay with the dressed in black kind of theme. any help is great, thanks

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Village People-Y.M.C.A

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Stick with ZZ Top and do “Tush” – make the suits rear-less.

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haha yeah idk i mean we were thinking about using la grange, but i dont really care for zz top that much so i wanted to change it up a bit, the only reason were using sharp dressed man for the dance is cus one of the guys loves zz and cus it works well for costuming

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Madonna, “Vogue”

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sorry stocky, but i will never coordinate anything i do to any song by madonna

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“Jump,” Van Halen, 1984.

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“Jump” by Kriss Kross. Sweet ass song. And you can wear your wetsuits backwards

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Toto-Dave’s Gone Skiing (instrumental)

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“Jump”, Pointer Sisters.

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