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What things you got from your relationship and marriage do you cherish most? What do you think love and marriage means?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) October 1st, 2014

Hi guys. Thanks for your attention :)
I’m a 21-year old gay man in China. Young or naive( :( ) may I be, I start wondering this problem.
I’m well-educated and I think it’s okay to share money with your partner if you do love each other, but I don’t think one should expect to live on the money his/her partner gives him/her; maybe I don’t have absolutely strong or mature mind but I am trying to manage my own stuffs. I don’t think I need some one to comfort me about being gay or sth. and I don’t think this should be the only reason why two men keep a relationship.
Gay men are still in low-profiles in China, and I just wondered, what things you got from your relationship/marriage do you cherish most? What do you think love and marriage means? :)
Thank you guys :).

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What I cherish most is the companionship we have. We enjoy doing things together as a couple whether it be something as simple as preparing breakfast or as complicated as planning and traveling together to a distant land. I miss her lying beside me when we are apart overnight; I even miss being kicked for snoring. She makes sure I am taking care of myself (sometimes I am forgetful, or lazy) and makes me feel special with the little things like bringing me hot chocolate on a cold night. I try to do the same for her and it must be working because we have been together for 40 years now.

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^^^Pretty much what @rojo said^^^^

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Thank you @rojo, I’m very moved.
Company and making each other feel special, that’s fantastic :)
Wish one day I could have that :)

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The support and love we give each other during difficult times and the laughter we share during the good times.

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He is my best friend. He’s the one person in the world I know I can rely on when things get tough or I need someone to tell me the truth or when I need someone to be in my corner. He makes me laugh and my day really does lift when he comes home. I’m always glad to see him. He accepts me for who I am and doesn’t try to change me. He still turns me on, but he’s also a fabulous companion. I can be completely ridiculous and silly with him and I love when his ‘little boy’ comes out and he does crazy things.

So I think a good relationship is one where both people feel happy and secure enough to be themselves. However, they also need to feel safe enough to say when things aren’t working so they can work on improving things together. And it should be fun. Beauty fades but if you can play together, you’re probably going to be just fine.

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I Cherish the way he makes me laugh. He helped make my life calm & good, that’s what I needed to focus & be happy.

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I cherish that I have someone who loves me and wants to spend time with me. Every time he calls my name and wants me to see what he is doing or help him with something it makes me happy, even if it is sometimes annoying too.

I also cherish what I have learned from him and I still learn from him. He is a different person raised in a different family and brings different ways of looking at the world and life, while at the same time we do have a lot in common.

He brings me a safe feeling and happiness and he is much like comfort food, he is like being at home during the happiest times of childhood.

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I raised my two sons with the person who was as invested in their well-being as I was.

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