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When you delete pictures, does it make you feel guilty?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) October 5th, 2014

Back in the day, when you had to buy film and send it off to get developed, we were a lot pickier about what considered picture worthy. It almost hurt when just one picture turned out crappy.

Today, though, I can easily take 100 or more pictures during a 4 hour outing with my kids and grandkids, like I did yesterday.

I down load them, then my method is to go through them all at least 4 times, forcing myself to delete and delete, until I’m down to maybe 50 pictures (which is still a whole freaking lot!)

But invariably, unless a picture is really obviously bad, I feel a twinge of guilt over deleting pictures of my family.

Do you feel guilty deleting pictures?

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Never ever. You’re not deleting the people, the event or the memories, just leaving more space for the next event.

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I know..but each face is so precious to me!

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Yes, I take too many pictures and then I don’t delete enough. It isn’t guilt exactly it’s I just don’t want these precious moments to be lost in the hurricane of time.

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I want to say no, and most of my behavior would support that answer. But it turns out I haven’t deleted a single picture that I have taken of my son yet.

Maybe he’s just that adorable, though.

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This go ‘round was more labor intensive than usual because Rick took most of the pics. He tends to take wide shots of a bunch of people, where as I usually focus on individual faces. He also tends to take about 20 shots of the same damn thing!

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Sometimes for a few seconds… and then back into focus comes real life—you know, that thing one can actually experience moment to moment.

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@Dutchess_III I have no problem with duplicates or near duplicates. I just keep the best of the bunch.

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Sure, and if a picture is important I’ll take several shots and pick out the best. Rick just snaps away. 37 pictures of a trash can!

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I feel more badly when I show pictures to people who are not interested in seeing them.

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Why would you show pictures to people who aren’t interested in seeing them?

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Not if the photo sucked.

My husband once accidently deleted one of the photos we took of our neighbor spreading his father’s ashes and I still feel badly about it and I didn’t do it!

I know what you mean though, it’s like throwing out a book, even if the book sucks I can feel badly about it. Something not right or odd about discarding certain things.

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How long ago was it @JLeslie? Could it still be in your recycle bin?

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It was years ago. I think we could possibly try to recover it now that I know nothing ever actually is really deleted. It was on one of the cards in a digital camera, not on a computer or phone. I should ask a fluther Q about it.

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I used to take a lot of pictures, and I felt the same way. I remember especially keeping any picture I had taken that contained someone who I knew wouldn’t be in my life much longer.

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I’ve never deleted a photo of my kids. I curate my family-shared albums, so they may not make the cut, but when I go back years later and view the ones that didn’t make the cut, there is always something that I didn’t notice the first time around. Most of the time, these photos do more to trigger memories and emotions than the “good” photos that made the album.

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I know. But we’re talking thousands and thousands of pictures.

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I sometimes have to convince myself that I’ll never need a certain photo again. I have photos on my phone from two years ago that I don’t look at, and I wouldn’t notice if they were gone, but I just can’t make myself delete them.

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No. Periodically, I take my phone or camera to Walmart or another store that offers this service and put them on a cd so I can clear my phone or camera.

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I tend to play the “either or” game, @Dutchess_III. Toggle between 2 pictures, delete the least, then move forward one, compare. Back. Compare and delete one.

It can be a tough choice, and I edit the pictures, but who can argue with deleting a picture that’s inferior to another one you saved, ultimately?

It works.

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That’s what I do too, @ibstubro. Even tho I like them both, I make myself let one go.

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@Dutchess_III I know exactly where you are coming from. I can’t even ditch bad ones. I take them from the photo file and dump them ...................................................................... .....into another file called “rejects”

And sometime later I take them out and play with them using various and sundry artistic photoshop type programs. Did you know that you can take a blurred reject photo and make it into a perfectly acceptable “watercolor” or “old master” picture that you can then use as a screen saver and people will be so impressed with your work?

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I will keep that in mind, @rojo! I love playing with the pics. Here is one from my son’s wedding that I played with.

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Stick with the system, @Dutchess_III. #1, it works, #2, it is already producing too may pictures!

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The system works. 4 times through and I really do wind up with the best of the best.

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