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Can today be the day of the Fluther Autumn Party?

Asked by jca (36043points) October 12th, 2014

Noticeable lack of parties in Meta. Nobody getting any milestones as of late, no questions in two weeks.

Can we do an Autumn party today? Let’s celebrate the 3 day weekend, the beauty and bounty of Autumn, the cooler weather and the pumpkins and leaves…...

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Great idea! I’ll post the clothing-optional signs!

Also, I’ve changed my avatar to a some fall foliage on a St. Lawrence River bank.

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This is my favorite time of year! Who wants to help me make these vampire pumpkins?

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It’s cold and rainy here, so it’ll have to be indoors. I’ll put some mulled cider on the stove.

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I miss fall so much! Call it what ever else you want, but here in Florida, it isn’t “fall”.
Someone make some leaf artwork for me.

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@dxs My sister lives just outside of the Everglades. She gets very jealous of my cool weather.

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Gladly, great idea! I just pinned a perfect leaf on my refrigerator. Tomorrow, I will go on a hike and then soak my feet in hot, lavender-scented water.

@jonsblond Thanks for the idea, l am definitely making one of those for Halloween!

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@syz Thanx for bringing mulled cider, I think I’ll bake some ginger bread men.

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Autumn has long passed here, but I’m still in for the party!

I’l go find some yellow leaves.

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I like the way you think! The weather was perfect here today. Clear and crisp. I raked the leaves in front of the barn and made small fire.
(Shhh, don’t tell anyone.)

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I’ve found some leaves(pantone)_crop.jpg for decoration! And the cat that helped me want to join the party too. Should we allow him?

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I love Autumn so much, and, I’m in Vermont at the moment — so absolutely!!

Let’s make big paintings using Indian Corn as stamps and rollers – its a lot of fun.

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I did that thing where you have the window open and a huge comforter on the bed, and your nose sticks out. :)

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^^ That is the best way to sleep in Autumn @Haleth

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We’ll all have a FAPping good time at the Fluther Autumn Party! ;-)

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It’s raining and cool. We must all stay in bed and giggle. We have a giant, house sized bed. It shall be a heated water bed, with a thick, down mattress on the bottom and a thick comforter to cover us.

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My daughter is on s’more duty. We even have a guard dog.

Ain’t nobody got time for s’more stealing fools.

Mimishu1995's avatar

@jonsblond Guess my cat has to be careful :)

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I’m always up for a fall fest. I’ll bring caramel apples.

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Don’t get that shit all over the bed you guys.

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