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If there was actually an immaculate conception, was there immaculate foreplay beforehand?

Asked by rojo (24159points) October 20th, 2014

And, if so, what form did it take?

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Whoa! I can’t believe you asked that. It would be so weird though. Hi. I’m god. Just relax.

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Does, “Just breathe. Let it happen.”, count as foreplay?

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Conception doesn’t always involve foreplay. It seems like Old Testament God would not have bothered with it, so I’m going to say no.

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If he had no trouble parting the red sea, then I think parting a virgin’s legs would have been very easy, if not a little awkward…“Joseph, nudge along a bit there’s a good chap”

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There was no immaculate conception therefore no foreplay

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“immaculate conception” is such a nice euphemism for rape.
Historically, she would have been between 12 and 14, a child, at the time of the rape.

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Conception doesn’t mean sex, which by extension doesn’t mean foreplay. Conception is just the egg and the sperm meeting. HOW the sperm got there is not covered in the Bible, and is subject to speculation.

But the Bible can’t be taken literally, so it’s not really important.

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Immaculate Conception refers to, not only sexless reproduction, but without lust by either party, so there would be no foreplay.

Keeping in mind that we are dealing with God, this can occur without sperm somehow finding its way in. He can just make things happen.

and thank you for not shitting all over my religion.

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@flimfann I mean this with no criticism of Christianity, I have always wondered if Christians believe that Mary possibly had a painless delivery? I always have a problem with Christians practically worshipping suffering. Many religions do talk about suffering though. If Mary gave birth as a virgin, then she has never been penetrated, and she is expected to birth a baby. Tear her hymen at the time of the birth, which women have fears of the tear already, and a young women has fears of going to a gynecologist even when she is already sexually active, it just seems like God picked a girl who was incredibly unprepared psychologically for such a thing. I know at the time in history young teen women were seen more as property and the story might have been more logical to people.

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Perhaps just a little immaculate teasing.

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Immaculate foreplay would be an indication of immaculate sex. No, there was only the magical fertilization of the egg, the conception, but without sex.

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Technical Note: The Immaculate Conception does not refer to God’s impregnation of Mary. It refers to the conception of Mary herself. According to Catholic dogma, Mary was conceived without incurring original sin, and that is the immaculateness of her conception. Since it is believed that Mary was conceived in the normal way, however, we can only hope (for her mother’s sake) that there was some sort of foreplay beforehand.

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Its another term for Atificial Insemination, so no foreplay is needed.

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I hardly think they had artificial Insemination in Jesus’ time.

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Unless visitors from another planet actually visited.
( As some books and TV shows insinuate).
A possibility?

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@Inspired_2write As already noted earlier, the Immaculate Conception has to do with the conception of Mary (which occurred in the normal biological way according to Catholic dogma), and not the conception of Jesus. Therefore, it is most definitely not another term for artificial insemination.

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@SavoirFaire Huh? It’s about the conception of Jesus.

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@JLeslie No, it’s not. I mentioned this earlier, and you can read up on it here. The confusion is common, but a confusion it is. The Immaculate Conception refers to the conception of Mary.

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@SavioreFaire Ok, so the terminology was used incorrectly according to the Catholics, but what the OP is talking about is the virgin conception. I never knew the distinction so thanks for clarifying.

I have serious problems with the concept of original sin, but that’s another Q.

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I always thought that glowing finger of ET was probably pretty magical. lol

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@JLeslie I know what the question was trying to ask. I’m just pointing out that it did so in the wrong terms.

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@Seaofclouds If a reason had been given for the moderation (as is the usual practice), there would not have been any reason to ask.

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