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What type of questions offend you?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19407points) October 23rd, 2014

Are they the ones that pick on your politics?
The ones that bad mouth your religion ?
The one that has a billion typos?
Don’t be shy come right out and tell us.

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Questions that is completely unreadable. I can tolerate typos as long as I can still make out what the OP is trying to say. Something like “i hav a boi who iz like mi but no fil good like that. how difficult joy. i do what?” isn’t tolerated.

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I wouldn’t say any particular topic rubs me the wrong way. It really depends on how the question is asked. Some are asked in the form of baiting. I understand there are times you may be tempted to ask a question in a certain way that may come off as bait, because it is a complicated question. I’ve probably even done it myself. There have been times that the question would be so ridiculously long that I risked having the question listed as trolling. But it is easy to offer an explanation below the question. Without the explanation, it is trolling, and the usual topics to troll is religion, and questions posed to belittle women. It’s not to common these days but it does happen occasionally.

Those tend to offend me the most. Followed by people answering in anger without reading the explanation.

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None. I ignore questions I’m not interested in (for instance, religion). Questions about politics don’t offend me. It’s interesting to see other people’s perspectives, even if I don’t agree with them.

Typos/spelling errors don’t offend me. I know they’ll get moderated away. With spelling errors etc. some people can’t spell or English isn’t their first language.

I can’t think of any questions that offend me. Really – life is too short to let questions on Fluther affect me that way.

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Taking offence is the most useless of all emotions. I’m not interested in being offended, only in exchanging ideas.

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None, if anyone is offended by a question/answer on here, then you really shouldn’t be here.

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Offend? None. Annoy? Yes. The questions that annoy me are the baiting ones where someone asks a question and then proceeds to argue with people that disagree. There is one member who tends to do that quite a bit. When I ask a question, I will try to keep my opinion out of it, at least until a bunch of people respond.

Also, we don’t see this much lately but people that say negative things about the religion of others. We used to have a few users who were vehemently against Christianity. They would always post long rants about God and Christians with all kinds of negative, nasty comments. I am not very religious but I do believe in God. I don’t bash the religion of other people and therefore, do not appreciate people bashing mine. You believe in what you believe in, I believe in what I believe in, it’s all good, can’t we all just get along? Thankfully, after Augie stepped in, the long religious rants and religion bashing stopped, or at least slowed way down.

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Questions about religion that don’t even try to seem open minded.

“Why do Christians believe this shit?”

also, anything relating to dream interpretation, how can I get him to like me, or what song is this with nearly no details. “The bass goes da da dada da da dada da da daaa.”

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Overt racism and sexism bother me.

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I don’t believe any question offends. I do agree with @Mimishu1995 but that is more an irritation than offensive. I usually try to skip those.

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Meh, I am not easily offended. Ignorance isn’t offensive, but willful ignorance is.
Dream questions and neurotic relationship questions annoy me but don’t offend me.

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Mostly just the hypocritically centralized ones.

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I deal with Fluther questions which to me are offensive, annoying or boring in the same way I do offensive, annoying or boring TV shows; I ignore them and move on. Questions that fall into this category, for me, are often about politics, gun “rights,” religion or teenage love angst.

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None. I can’t even imagine what that could mean.

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Just the close-minded ones meant to make fun of a certain group. The obvious sentiment behind the question is “Haha, isn’t it hilarious Christians believe in X?” or “Everyone who supports X political party is a complete moron, am I right?”. These questions aren’t trying to find out information or stimulate discussion.

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I’ve been thinking about this. There is a difference between being “offended” and being confused. I mean, how could anyone be offended by typos?

I guess pornography offends me. A couple of times it showed up on my FB feed. I simply unfriended the person (who wasn’t a good friend to begin with,) and I was done with it.

The most offended I’ve ever been was by a question that was asked on It included a picture of Christ on the cross, and without going into the details, it was pornographic. I almost quit the site. was pretty notorious for its lack of moderation, but they actually removed that when I yelled.
It was offensive on SO many levels. I was a believer at the time, so that was part of it, but it would still be offensive to me today. So disrespectful.

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The ones that don’t ask a question.

“What do your think about this?”
“What would you do in this situation?”
“What would you do?”
“Am I being too thin skinned?”

The ones that force you to open the question (and likely a link) to see if you have any interest whatsoever in even reading the question, much less answer it.

“What do your think about global warming?”
“What would you do if your best friend’s boyfriend’s sister said her aunt thought you were a skank?”
“What would you do if your husband ran away with the babysitter?”
“Am I being too thin skinned if I think my babysitter gives my brother more ice cream than me?”

Now, those are questions.

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I also hate questions that preclude thought.
“Who is more of a commie pinko, Bill or Hillary Clinton?”
“Who is more of a Nazi, GHWBush or W?”

The overly defined ‘sicko’ questions.
“If you had to have sex with the neighbor’s 2 year old son, or your grandmother, which out you choose?” [Details. Granny is senile and the baby next door has leukemia.]

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Thanks for all the great answers, the ones that annoy me, not really offend are the ones that have about five minutes of reading in the details.

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But are most of the ones you listed actually offensive, or just annoying, @ibstubro? How can you be offended by ”“Am I being too thin skinned if I think my babysitter gives my brother more ice cream than me?””

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@Dutchess_III I don’t know , do you find someone that picks on your politics, or bad mouths your religion ,annoying or offensive?

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I suppose I could, but those are beliefs. And it would depend on their tone.

I’m asking how one could be offended by someone elses typos.

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I think @gailcalled is clearly offended by typos?

Offended by the callus disregard toward the potential answerer, when spell check will catch most of the typos.

Semantics. I seem to remember a question where the asker had to eat a certain amount of crow over using “constantly wary” and “every’ in the question.

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@ibstubro I’m sure you mean callous, unless you’re describing your feet. ;)

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@Dutchess_III I don’t know about offended but it sure seems to annoy quite a few here, they seem the need to point out a typo as soon as they spot it.

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