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Please describe your ideal environment where you feel the most comfortable.

Asked by UnholyThirst (1498points) October 24th, 2014

Near a fire under a blanket? Naked in the ocean? Sitting deep in the woods, perhaps?

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I love the woods and am very comfortable there, but I think, for me, it is sitting inside a cozy small house all snug.

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Sitting in a rural setting or a suburban park where there are few people around. Being on my deck. Being in the woods, near a lake or by the ocean.

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In my bed, under my down comforter, rain tapping on the windows, sleeping cat tucked under my arm and on my feet, reading a book.

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Backpacking out in the woods.

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The bridge of my Odyssey Class Star Cruiser.
I like the Sao Paolo class, too, but it is a bit too fragile against even a normal Borg Cube.

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Soaking in my hot tub late at night and taking a nap on a cold, rainy day.

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Back home, curled up on the couch, watching the latest episode of scandal, wrapped in a blanket or my snuggly (yes even during summer), eating some comfort food like homemade macaroni and cheese or drinking something warm (during the winter) like tea or hot chocolate or something cool and refreshing (during the summer) like cucumber water or juice.

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Of all the endless and comfortable possibilities, I find my solitude deep in the woods. To get there physically, it’s an hours journey. I’ve perfected the travel so well that I now do it instantly within my mind.

A certain cemetary I visited once also has this affect on me.

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Living in a rural setting with lots of space as I have for decades now. Peace, privacy, safety, seclusion.
This property now has a huge, wrap around, sprawling ranch porch where I sit numerous times a day overlooking 20 acres of pastureland and woods and horses and cows and all sorts of wildlife. My favorite time of day is dawn and dusk when the Quail come bobbling along the gravel driveway parallel to the pastures and the wild geese fly in to the pond and to graze in the grass.

The donkeys and horses frolicing about, racing across the pasture. Nothing more beautiful than a drop dead gorgeous horse streaking around, mane and tail flying, head tossing, bucking, jumping, showing off their stuff.
I hate suburbia, people stacked on top of each other, nosy neighbors, gossip, everyone in everyone elses business, gah!

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Places of solitude in a natural setting whether on a mountain top, a hot, dusty desert environment, beside a wooded stream, or a fairy glen deep in the moors.

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Anywhere as long as I have my music, someone I love, or can obtain the state of mind of solitude

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In bed Fluthering, with pop and fresh KFC.

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Feet up, listening to music in my lounge; a book in hand and a cup of green tea on the table.

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On my sofa and curled up with my favorite blanket. It’s right under a window, so a nice summer breeze at night is wonderful. Sadly this can no longer be complete the way it should be. My sweet kitty would cuddle in my arms in that scenario. But she died 2 months ago.

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I’m pretty comfortable anywhere, even this building with it’s spirits and it’s people eating elevator. But I’m most at home in my park. Six million acres, so of them as wild as can be. It is like nature’s temple. I feel the peace as soon as I cross the blue line.
Annie: I’m sorry about your loss. I’m sure your kitty had the most love and appreciation.

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Being comfortable is more about who I’m with. If I’m with people I love and like, I’ll be comfortable. In saying that I don’t feel comfortable with strangers in my space. So if I’m on holiday, I’d rather not do the bed and breakfast type thing. I’d rather have an anonymous hotel room or even better, a house or cottage that’s just for the people I’m with.

Other than that, a comfy chair in a warm (or cool in summer) spot pretty much anywhere will do me.

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@Earthbound_Misfit: I definitely agree with you about the bed and breakfast thing. Even though they provide nice service and a cozy atmosphere, I prefer a large hotel where I have more privacy.

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I am totally in agreement @Earthbound_Misfit and @jca! No B&B’s for me!

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What @syz said.

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Another place is a meditation sanctuary in the dark, air conditioned room.

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Just as Mastema says, I am most at home deep in the woods, even in the dark when I can’t seem to find my way out, I feel at home. And cemeteries bring me the same peace, especially if they’re surrounded by trees. There is one special cemetery that brings me the most comfort…brings back one unbelievable memory.

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