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What might be an original, welcoming name for a Counseling office?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4328points) November 3rd, 2014

I am starting a private practice in which I will see adults, couples, teens, and children in individual, group, and family settings. I specialize in Play Therapy, but hesitate to make that part of the name because I do not want to exclude the others.

I have some ideas, but do not want to mention them because I would like to hear some fresh ideas that may be even better!

I live in the New Orleans area and will be working with varied income levels.

If you have any ideas, I would really appreciate your help!


Also, I will probably refrain from commenting for awhile so that I do not disrupt the free flow of thoughts….

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I was thinking using part of the second half of your name till I saw where you are. How about Symbiosis?

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The Friendly Ward

The Grounding Quarter.

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I personally would be turned off by too cutsie a name.

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I too vote for only your name, your degree and the list of counselling and therapeutic services you provide. Are you a solo operation? Keep it short and professional. No whimsy.

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My hesitation about just using my name is that I could someday, way down the line, want to sell the buisness….perhaps. I also may use the name for blogs, and other materials as well. But yes, I agree, nothing too cutsie.

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A Helpful Hand
Solving Together

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As one who named a lot of companies, services and products in my advertising career, I vote for simpler is better because there are way too many brand names out there. I suggest your name, title, and a short tag line underneath succinctly explaining what you’re offering, for example “Professional counseling for all ages.”

Also…You’ll save yourself potentisl trademark/copyright infringement headaches by keeping your company name simple.

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I am with @marinelife and @gailcalled on this. I would never see a counselor at a practice with a catchy name, counseling is a serious thing. My friends who have retired and sold their practices have essentially brought in a partner then left. They “sold” the client list (with each client’s permission) and had the new person take over the lease. It wasn’t like selling a store. And what @Pachy said.

Good luck with your new practice, I wish you every success.

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Reaching Out

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Guided Steps

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Step by Step. TAG.

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A Shoulder to Cry On.

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Welcome Home

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