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If my wife draws disability is she also eligible to recieve her spousal social security benifits?

Asked by watacaha (7points) November 9th, 2014

My wife is on disability since she was 58, she is now 62. Is she also entitled to her spousal benefits from me. I make $2400

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I suggest you either call the Social Security office or go there in person to inquire. They won’t give it to her if she is not eligible, but if she is, they will advise her as to what forms are necessary to apply.

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I think you get one or the other, whichever is higher, but I’m not sure. I agree with @jca. Make an appointment at SS to discuss what is available to her. Is your wife able to go to the SS office?

You can call also to the main SS number to get information. If you have a hard time getting a person don’t push any buttons like you have a rotary phone. When they finally answer it will likely be in Spanish, but they all speak English.

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My mom only gets my dads SSI since he made more.

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