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Would you treat someone differently because their appearance changed?

Asked by Broken_EarthAngel (771points) December 5th, 2014

I sure wouldn’t, I believe a true friend will accept another just as they are.

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Can you be more specific about what kinds of friends and what kinds of changes? I have felt less sexually attracted to partners if they gained significant weight.

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@ janbb Friends that you have known for many yrs, friends that your very fond of.
Just talking platonic friends not sexual ones.Besides I think if you truly care for them then looks wouldn’t matter, they are still the same person on the inside as they were when you met them. But thats just me.

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It depends, sometimes a change in appearance can also alter a persons personality to where they just aren’t the same person anymore. Someone who was once fun and a joy to be around can become depressed and a downer to be around. That kind of change might make me treat the person differently.

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@Broken_EarthAngel people grow apart. There may not be anything more than that to what has happened. Everyone changes over their lifetime and these changes are interpreted differently between friends and lovers. It may not be something as superficial as appearance. Appearances change daily.

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@ rojo I agree with you, I know as a true friend, I can’t see myself treating a friend different, I was just curious as to how others felt.

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People have come and gone from my life. I have about a half dozen who stick with me no matter what. When I change they give me grief and we go on. Same with me and them.

Enjoy your friendships while you have them.

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@rojo I believe we all have experienced that in life too, I cant say Im still friends with most people I grew up with, Id rather have a handful of great friends than a lot of false ones.

I will and always have enjoyed my friendships, because they are genuine to me,just as yours are to you.

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Yes I would, a natural empathy would dictate so.

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If I become friends with someone, it’s because of their wit, their sense of fun, their loyalty, their honesty, personality traits, not appearance. If those traits change, it might change how much I cared about them, but not their looks.

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Sadly yes…

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My appearance has changed a lot in the last two years, as I dropped more than 25% of my weight through diet and exercise. And I get much more positive reaction from people I have know a long time.

I went to my high school 40th reunion last year. Some had changed dramatically since they were 18, others looked like were only in their 30s. The people I had been close to I was still close to no matter what they looked like. Thrones I wasn’t close to, it really didn’t matter.

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My two best friends and I met when we were in our early school years, so we’ve changed a lot over 40+ years, and we are as close as ever.

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I can’t imagine treating my best girlfriends differently because their appearance changed. I don’t treat people differently in general based on their appearance. Sometimes appearance is reflected of other problems, but just on appearance alone I don’t see what my interaction and love for them would change.

What are we talking about? Losing an arm? A scar? Gaining weight? A severe injury? None of those would alter how I feel about a friend.

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No, everyone changes as the years march on. We gain weight, we lose weight, we get wrinkles, we go gray. Well not as long as there is hair color. haha
Character is much more important to me than physical looks. My ex husband was an ass to me when I gained 40 lbs, having my daughter years ago.

I retained good character in the marriage, he did not.
Now he is fat, bald and looks like Captain Kangaroo and I morphed into the best shape of my life in my 40’s. haha
Karmas a bitch and now his new wife has packed on like 60 lbs. since they met 6 years ago. Life, ya gotta love the twists and turns. lol

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@JLeslie & @Adirondackwannabe Those are great answers!! @hearkat Thats sweet to know.
@ Coloma Thats life we all continue to face.

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