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What is your personal Heaven or Hell like?

Asked by Broken_EarthAngel (771points) December 5th, 2014

Meaning describe the things that bring you happiness/sadness/pain/pleasure…ect

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Hell being controlled and forced to wake up and go for walks… heaven KFC and Egg Nog over the fireplace channel with a queen sized throw blanket.

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Hell…losing my work and home in 2013.
Heaven, living peacefully in a rural environment.
I am still experiencing financial hell but I am living in a heavenly environment again after being forced to live in “town” again after decades of rural living. Right now I just came in from moon watching on the big ranch porch here. Heavenly evening, clouds floating past the moon, light breeze after a rainy few days.

I have to live on a minimum of 5 acres to be happy, this property is 10, 40 would be optimum. haha

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I think my heaven would be a comfortable, cool, cave home that fronted on an isolated tropical beach with a back door that opened onto a crime free NYC.

Hell? I’d be standing in a sweltering unbreakable glass box on the beach, yearning for my ideal for eternity. (Whiffs of sea, cave and city)

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Hell: my high school.

Heaven: my own world.

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Heaven now: having a person who knows all of me and like me or accept me
hell: otherwise.

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Hell: dealing with my ex in one of her abusive manic phases.

Heaven: spending time with the woman I am seeing who lives 1,100 miles away. We get together for five days at a time, it’s wonderful and we have more connection in five days than I would have with my previous girlfriend in five months.

(By connection I mean the totality of a relationship…)

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Hell: Helping my nice, elderly, hard-of-hearing neighbors with a home electrical problem as their large, HD TV blasts FoxNews, the kitchen radio vomits Rush Limbaugh bile, and their dander filled, wheeze inducing cats walk all over my face while I’m on the dust bunny covered floor working on a live outlet under an ancient, heavy, oak table that can’t be moved because the leg screws have pulled out and will fall apart if jostled.
Not that that has ever happened.

Heaven: Waking up without the alarm to a comfortable house temperature, the afterglow of a loving orgasm still warming my insides, and not having to a damn thing for at least another 4 hours.
Not that that has ever happened in a loooong while.

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Heaven is the ultimate bachelor’s paradise. Lots of pretty, partially clothed beauties running around, serving you what ever you like, if they feel like serving you (And they’d better if they want to borrow your car!). Lots of good food and drink. Cigars, cigarettes. Anything at all on the universally large TV. Getting to go and do whatever you like: hunting, fishing, camping, whistle-pig and jack-rabbit shooting. All your most favorite friends and family are there as well as all of your favorite pets.
Hell would be having to put up constantly with all of the MAJOR a$$holes you met in life! Like, FOREVER!

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Hell: Being confined with strangers I have to make a speech to. We’re in a boutique, the air is dry, I’m tired, and everything smells like gasoline and new clothes. Every couple of seconds, there is a repetitive beep, and people are impatiently waiting for me to figure out the beamer.

Heaven: With good friends and a few calm dogs. We’re in the woods, the air is warm, there’s a stream gurgling nearby. We are unpacking our picknick of sandwiches, cold pizza, donuts and lemonade. I can smell the earth and hear birds chirping. When I’m back home, I will read a good book while soaking in the tub, happily tired.

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