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Have you ever had a cat that would eat fruit?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42443points) December 10th, 2014

Vanta has the strangest food fetish. If any thing, even non-food items, fall on the floor, she’ll jump on it and start growling to warn everyone away. It’s really the only fault she has. House training her was a snap.
Anyway, just now a piece of banana fell on the floor..and she freaking ate it!
I have never known a cat who would eat banana before!

What are some of the oddest things your pets have eaten?

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My Dad had a dog that loved seedless grapes.
A friend of the family had a small dog that just loved mashed potatoes .

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I had a cat who would eat grapes if you peeled them.

She also would go crazy pestering you if you had dry roasted peanuts in your hand. But she wouldn’t eat them. She would take each peanut in her mouth, enjoy the salt, then spit it out. And then paw at you asking for another.

Hummus was another food that drove her wild.

The funniest was our dog eating corn on the cob. You had to hold it and she would eat the corn row-by-row as you slowly rolled the cob. She was a broccoli eater, too.

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Our cat loved cucumber, bell peppers and watermelon. The dogs would eat none of those, but they both like carrots.

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My Havoc will fight you for an apple. I have literally never eaten an apple in peace in my house.

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My cat Kitty likes cantaloupe.

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Yes. Mandarin oranges, tomatoes even lettuce sometimes. I think he ate it because that’s what we were eating.

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Ahem, grapes are toxic to dogs.

My dog once got ahold of half of a banana and 1) it was funny as hell to watch her eat it, and 2) she freakin’ loved it.

My cat likes to lick the surface of minty gum. Sugar free gum is also toxic to dogs.

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I had two dogs that loved peas. They’d chew the pods until they could get at them. No cats for me.

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I had a dog who would shell and eat peanuts.

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That’s wacked. why peanuts? And did they ever get stuff stuck in their mouth?

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Well, my German Shepherd and my Spaniel are both crazy for walnuts. I had a bowl of them on the buffet. I kept finding walnut shells all over the floor and I could not figure out how the dogs were getting them. Well, turns out the cat would jump up on the buffet, pick one up out of the bowl, and drop it on the floor! I got rid of them.

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Yes, my dear departed ” Jerome.” He was a siamese mix, brown saddle, ears, paws and tail with the siamese mask and white everywhere else. He LOVED, of all things, Cantaloupe!
Every time I cut a Cantaloupe he went nuts until I served him a little bowl of minced melon.

He lived 16.5 years and died in 1995. RIP My “Jay.”

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RIP Jerome. Here’s a prayer to the Great Creator.

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Not exactly a fruit but my cat has been known to eat nasturtium flowers.

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Dogs are omnivores so it’s not the least surprising the things they will eat.

However, cats being obligate carnivores is what makes it so strange for them to like fruits and veggies.

My cat Velvet (RIP) logged in her time as a stray on the mean city streets so food was tremendously important to her.

Anytime I ate anything her eyes followed every bite from plate to mouth.

I was most surprised that she’d eat tomatoes and I believe it’s basically because that’s what I often ate.


Vanta started out as a feral so deprivation was a way of life as they constantly have to scrounge food wherever they can find it. And once found, they have to defend it or they’ll lose it. That may turn out to be a lifelong pattern for her.

I was fortunate that Velvet, although food-obsessed was never aggressive about it (other than to snatch whatever she could if my attention wavered for a moment :)

Hopefully Vanta will outgrow the aggression once she realizes that she’s now lucked out and found the land of plenty :)

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My cat Sy, whom I sometimes call “Pigcat,” will eat pretty much anything.

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A few cats I’ve had through the years were all huge fans of cantaloupe – especially as kittens.

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@DrasticDreamer Funny, I thought my cat was so strange. haha

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@Buttonstc All of those same thoughts went through my mind.

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@Coloma I was shocked the first time I saw it happen, but then I did some research. Apparently there’s something in cantaloupe that’s actually good for kittens, specifically. But once they get a taste, some will continue to eat it throughout their lives. :)

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When my cat even smells cantaloupe, she tries to jump up on the counter to eat it. of course, that’s now allowed but I will have to get some down to her.

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Wow you we are members of the elite Cat-aloupe club. haha

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One of my cats will eat sweet cherries but they have to be in ice cream.

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