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Do we need the police?

Asked by Misspegasister28 (2103points) December 11th, 2014 from iPhone

Title is pretty self-explanatory. So, with all the horrible police brutality right now, do you think we need the police? Why or why not?

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We need the Police more than ever now. How would you feel if your neighborhood and/or home was being destroyed by thugs and no one was there to help?

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Of course we do.

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Yes, of course.

Now, there are many people in the world, and a certain percentage of Fluther, who feel that all police are worthless, brutal, and horrible. Certainly that’s their right to feel that way.

But any society needs rules, and by extension, needs a mechanism to enforce the rules.
This goes back thousands and thousands of years – the ancient Greeks and Romans (and Hebrews) had the equivalent of police back then.

Society without rules in anarchy. I can’t believe that the people who say “no police” really mean that.

[I am in favor of better trained police, to be sure. But no police at all? – ridiculous.

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Saying that we don’t need police because there is so much police brutality is like saying we don’t need love because there are so much break-up. There are still officers who care for their job and try to give help in it true meaning. Why turn your back from all policemen because of some violent people?

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@crissy14 Whose neighborhood was being destroyed by thugs?

To answer the question, yes, we still need police. There are a lot of bad cops, but there are also a lot of good cops. Although police brutality is a real issue and many things need to change, life without police would not be a good thing, either.

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Of course we need police, but we also need police that know they are on the job to defend the law, NOT BE ABOVE IT.

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@DrasticDreamer Ferguson protestors were destroying stores, stealing things, lighting things on fire. They even broke into homes. I mentioned the neighborhood being destroyed to put it into perspective. To give the asker something more personal to think about within her own community.

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@crissy14 Were the protesters doing that? That’s not something that I was aware of. Because, the way I saw it, the protesters were assembling peacefully for approximately 100 days before anything like that happened. The way I see it, the protesters were gathered because they wanted to be the spark that ignites change for minorities who are still systematically looked down upon and disregarded as nothing but “thugs”.

All I’m saying is… You might want to differentiate between the people burning things to the ground and stealing from stores vs…. you know… the actual protesters.

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Yes we need the police. The majority of cops are not bad cops, but that’s what some people want to believe because the media only shares the bad things that cops do. The media relies on sensationalism.

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Thank you!!! Almost everyone on Tumblr believes we would be better off without cops (but Tumblr is pretty toxic and biased when it comes to social justice issues anyway), but I think that’s ridiculous and we need the police.
However, I believe that cops who commit police brutality need to be punished no matter what!

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But there should be a complete purge every 10 years, in which all cops are fired and replaced with new people, who are thoroughly screened.
Also, there are only 3 types of cops.
a. corrupt cops
b. cops that look away.
c. cops that actively fight against a. and b.

c. are a tiny minority. Most cops are therefore pigs.

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@ragingloli Don’t call them pigs. Pigs are cute and do nothing wrong. Evil cops are monsters.

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Of course we do.

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Of course we need the police. I don’t believe the hype that all police officers are lunatics. As usual the Media goes by the motto “if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it as fact”.

The people who complain about the police the most are the first to call one when in trouble.

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Yes, we need the police and cannot even image the chaos that would occur if no one was there to help enforce the law. Sure there are some bad cops but by and large most cops do a good job. It is a dangerous job and I am glad that someone does it.

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Are you kidding, of course we need police to protect us from do-badders. But perhaps not armed like mercenaries and guerrillas.

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Yes, we do, and we need Wyatt Earp, that’s what we need. haha

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Of course we do.

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Of course. It’s like Ghostbusters “Who ya gonna call?” when your car is stolen, when your home is invaded, when some nut with a gun starts shooting up your school or workplace.

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YES! I cannot imagine an unpoliced state! Some sickos spoil the image but on the whole they are an integral part of society!

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Of course we need cops. The problem with cops is simply that they are flawed people just like the rest of us. It’s also true that the nature of their business can attract people to the profession who should never be allowed authority over other human beings. But the big issue involves defining the function of the police. “To serve and protect” who from whom. Then there’s one’s definition of “protect”. I know that I personally have no interest in being “protected” to levels lavished on Rodney King.

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