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What is the word for mineral in flora, fauna and ...

Asked by flo (13150points) December 13th, 2014

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Mineral, seriously.

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Flora and fauna are two different categories of living things; traditionally, people use these words to distinguish one type of life from the other (even though there are life forms that don’t fit into either category, like fungi).

You might be thinking of the categories “animal, vegetable, mineral”, which are traditionally used to categorize types of things that are alive from things that are not.

But we don’t tend to say “flora, fauna, mineral” or to use any word describing things that are not alive in juxtaposition with the words “flora” and “fauna”.

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just kidding

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Since “flora” and “fauna” are Latin words, then possibly “crusta” which is Latin for “mineral”. But I have never heard any word at all used in this context.

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Biota is the combination of the animal (fauna) and plant (flora) life of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

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Some people were playing Twenty Questions “Is it animal plant or mineral?”... Someone asked what is the Latin word….. And now I know…“Crusta” @downtide thank you. Thank you all.

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