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Do most men actually find those obviously fake, over sized boobs attractive?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42473points) December 14th, 2014

I mean really? Now those particular pictures may be photo shopped (I HOPE they are) but there are plenty of woman who have had breast augmentation surgery to the extreme.

Men, do you find that attractive?

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Not that freakin big,those things could kill ya.
Talk about bad back problems.

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A few of those ladies are all natural.

But yeah, the fake ones are pretty disgusting.

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and…don’t forget how weird those fake inflated, way up high boobs are going to look on an 80 yr. old woman. I guess they might cushion your fall from the wheelchair, or weigh you down.
“Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up because my boobs are too big.” lol

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A few sick ones do.
Those are all disgusting.

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I refuse to click on the link, they’re not even tits, more like hideous growths which repulse me somewhat.

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I would hope not. Even boob men know nothing is better than a big, fat butt.

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No, they look awful and usually women with that sort of mentality are unstable and should be avoided.

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The studies that I’ve seen conclude that, although men do like big boobs, most of them will choose small and real, over big and fake.

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Ya know, I hate to stereotype, but seriously, I agree with @flutherother . I have known about 4–5 women over the years that were obsessed with cosmetic surgery.
Boob jobs, face lifts, botox, tummy tucks, etc. They were all extremely emotionally fragile and had major emotional issues.

2 of them were friends and I finally dumped them because their insecurities and jealousies just got to be too much. They were high maintenance in every way, mentally, emotionally and physically even as friends, I pitied the men in their lives. Gah!

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Those women are grotesque. Small is beautiful.

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Some men seem so infatuated with boobs that it seems they are hypnotized by them, so it’s not like they find them attractive, just that their mental transmissions get knocked into neutral.

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Most men do not prefer that sort of thing. There is a significant minority of men, however, for whom there is no such thing as “too big.” To each their own.

And of course, the women aren’t necessarily doing it to be attractive to men. They may have their own preferences about how they want their body to look that has nothing to do with attracting others. Also, @FutureMemory is correct that some of those women are naturally that size. Body types vary wildly.

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You know my motto: “More than a mouthful is a waste.”

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Sexy is between the ears and in the heart.

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An ex of mine seemed to like some that bordered on that large. I try really hard not to judge people for personal preferences, but in that case, I failed pretty badly. There was something that just completely creeped me out about it in ways that I don’t have words for. :-/

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@DrasticDreamer I like the women on top position, but I’d be scared to try it with those women. “Man crushed by breasts.” Yeah that’s what I want for my obit.

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What’s the density of breasts as compared to the density of other body parts? And how does that figure into weight?

One of those women was probably carrying 20–25 pounds per side. Can you imagine walking round with 50 lbs. on your front, every day?

How do they sleep?

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Here’s a vid of the black woman from OP’s link. Apparently she has the largest natural breasts in the whole wide world!

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@elbanditoroso The woman in the video I linked claims her breasts are 85 lbs.

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I know a woman who has huge natural breasts. She is probably 300+ lbs and the breasts are down to her belly button, which makes her look even larger. It’s not sexy at all.

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Nope. The sweet spot is a C cup, IMHO. I wouldn’t complain if they were a bit bigger or smaller, but the extremes are undesirable.

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OMG no @FutureMemory. If I were in her shoes I’d find SOME way to have breast reduction surgery. But apparently she’s ok with them. Also, I find it….frustrating that the doctor who commented was “Dr. Irwin Goldstein (from the) Institute for Sexual Medicine.” Breasts are for milk production. Is no part of a woman’s body safe from sex labels?

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@Dutchess_III Surely you don’t deny that breasts are an important part of sex? It is possible for an organ to serve more than one purpose.

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Well, I don’t even know what an Institute for Sexual Medicine would even be.

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rohypnol laboratory?

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Yes and no.

Entirely depends on the individual.

Just last night I was at a French restaurant. Our server and bartender was a older and slight woman. She had natural breasts that even with a bra obviously hung very low. Her choice of tight and low cut top said that she had no hang ups about their state. Yes please.

On the other hand bolt ons can be hot too to me, though not as easily. The best example is wealthy wives that are cute and unintentionally charming. Their slightly awkward bosom gift contrasting with their sweet demureness. Hotter than hell.

Ginormous bags on bimbos are for me not much more than a curiosity.

For me, if we are talking largeness, natural is much more interesting to me.

Then again, women with practically no tits at all are also sexxy as heck.

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@Dutchess_III I would assume something similar to a cancer or mental health laboratory, but studying sexual function and dysfunction instead.

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No most men do not, most of these women are on fetish websites and some make a lot of money.—I’m a sex worker in a small affluent city not in America and the men don’t like boob jobs.—

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