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Women, when buying t-shirts, do you go for the female fitted t's, unisex, or it doesn't matter?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11154points) February 27th, 2013

I get a little bummed when I find a t-shirt that I like, but it’s unisex. I find that it doesn’t fit me all that well. I like a form fitting women’s t. I wanted to pick up this shirt, but it’s unisex.

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I always go for unisex, fitted clothes just makes me feel kind of gross for some reason. I guess I’m a little shy or something. Plus I think unisex is just more comfy.

That’s an awesome shirt by the way!

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I want a female fit. When I was younger I didn’t care as much, but in the last 15 years I only want the girl fit, especially if I am paying for it.

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I’ve had trouble losing the weight I gained through two pregnancies, and since I used to have the perfect, tiny waist, the extra weight has made me feel incredibly self-conscious and disgusted with my figure. I’ve been wearing men’s large tshirts for about 5 years. Now that I’m shedding the bulge, I’ve gone to a men’s medium, and hopefully soon, I’ll feel comfortable wearing the ladies fit again. There are so many cute tees that only come in the baby doll style, and I’d love to wear them again.

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Form fitting women’s for me. As form fitting as I can get them through the arms and shoulders too, because I worked hard to have ripped shoulders and arms so I want them to show even when I’m wearing a long-sleeved tee. I like my tees to run longer in length too, because I’m tall. Sometimes it’s hard to find a fitted tee that isn’t too short in the body, so when I do, I stock up. I’m wearing my absolute favorite tee today, so it’s funny you asked.

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Now that I think about it, the problem I have with fitted clothes is that I tend to sweat when I get nervous and I happen to be a very neurotic person..

But if I see a fitted shirt that I think is awesome, I’d get it but I’ll always wear something over it just in case. It’s quite embarrassing..

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Unisex, like @Arganon, I don’t like to show my stuff a whole lot, and wear tshirts for comfort, otherwise I tend to wear more formal clothes.

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I wear them all, but I prefer a female fit.

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Due to my size, I prefer the very large, dorm style, tunic t-shirts.

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No baby doll fit for me. I want plenty of room in my t-shirts, and since I’m big busted and overweight that generally means plus size shirts or an over-sized man’s or unisex shirt. Overall, I prefer plus size female shirts. It’s not the fit of the man’s/unisex t-shirt that bothers me, it’s the neck opening. Why are they so freakin’ high? Feels like it’s choking me. :/

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I like female fitted like this. I don’t like it too skin tight of course. I like rib knit, the fine rib that you barely notice is a rib but that has built in stretch. I really prefer that to anything that has lycra in it. When I wear the lycra tshirts they make me feel like I have a sausage casing on! Sometimes they roll up at the hem and that is so annoying. If it has a short sleeve I like the baby T sort of sleeve not the big baggy kind. Otherwise I like long and ¾ sleeve.

I find good colors and prices on the sort I like at JCP,H&M, and Target.

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Lately I’ve been going more for comfort than style. I have a couple of form fitting tees, but most of my t shirts are for comfort.

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I can’t stand the feeling of a loose tee. I don’t know why, really, but I always have to have my shirt against my skin. I really don’t enjoy the look of most tight-fitting shirts, though, so I almost always wear a tank top under a tee. I’ve found that this is a great solution to another problem, too: low riding jeans. I’m long-waisted (thanks, dad) so anything that’s got the right length of a sleeve and fits in the shoulders is too short. I’ve come to adore the layered look!

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I’m definitely a jeans-and-T-shirts girl, but since I’m overweight and plain, I do try to find T-shirts that have a feminine touch to them. I feel more frumpy in the unisex T-shirts that I wear around the house, and I feel less frumpy in ones that have a scoop or V-neck with a frill or design.

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@augustlan: I cut and hem the unisex T’s with the high round neck.

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I don’t mind the female cut if they are pure cotton but I hate the ones with elastene in that cling. Well I hated them in the tropics and I don’t like them here in the summer, but in the winter under a sweater they feel good because they keep me warm. But if I see a shirt I like in mens styling I will get that. I am the same with jeans, I can’t stand the skinny types, it feels like my legs are suffocating!

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@gailcalled I’d do the same, if I had an ounce of sewing ability in me. Sadly, I don’t.

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I prefer them to be fitted. I very rarely wear unisex tshirts as I have tiny boobs so they tend to hang on me!

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I too loathe the new cotton with spandex or lycra because it is impossible to remove most stains. The new longer designs also seem to be for women who do not have hour-glass figures. The ones that fall below the hips don’t work for me.

The unisex shirts tend to be 100% cotton with no extras. But as I said, I do some alterations, including cutting and hemming side-vents. I also cut off several inches to make the 29” ones 26”.

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