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What am I supposed to do?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) July 12th, 2008

I’m very unhappy with both AT&T and Apple.

I purchased my iPhone on July 11th (first group of people in the store) and at the register I paid for the phone, moved my old iPhone’s number to the new iPhone and all. They tell me give it 6–8 hours to activate fully.

It’s been over a day and a half, I’ve made phone calls to AT&T and Apple told me to go through troubleshooting options and one Apple rep mentioned leaving the phone plugged in over night because “when you unplug it from iTunes, it places you at the end of the “activation queue” which I thought to myself sounded like a load of bullshit.

I wake up the next morning, phone is in the same state nothing has changed, it’s been plugged in for the whole night. At this point I’m not very happy, at all. I then decide to take a visit to the AT&T store today (which keep in mind is right across from the Apple store I purchased the iPhone from) explained what had happened, the rep then says it must be my SIM card so he puts a new one in and says it should be all good now.

I’m excited, thinking my phone was fixed! !@#$% Now, let me tell you this the service works in the mall, but not at my house. What do I expect them to say since I can’t really show them it doesn’t work at my house or even a mile away from the mall.

I come back to the mall several hours later (went and had lunch and the service didn’t work when I got out so I figured give it a few hours) go to the same AT&T rep and he says he can’t do anything and go to Apple which is right across in the mall. I go to Apple and they say make an appointment, I go “are you f******g joking?” of course I made one for Monday at 7:30 which is 2 days away. So after all these trips I haven’t got the phone fixed and I will be with no service for 4 days. What a joke, I want a new phone and money back on my bill.

Now let me tell you the good part, I have a treo at home that I use for business; the phone runs on AT&T. I go ahead and try an experiment. I remove the SIM card from my iPhone and place it into the treo – vice versa. Outcome? I can make calls from my house from the treo with the iPhone’s SIM in it, but not the iPhone with my treo’s SIM. Conclusion? The phone is broken. I purchased Apple care the second they asked me in the store Friday at 8:00am.

Jesus Christ.

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They should refund your money for the phone. They’ll charge a re-stocking fee but I am pretty sure AT&T has a 14-day return policy.

A better option would be to sell the phone on eBay. RIght now, the 3g iphones are selling for over $1000 on eBay. Sell the phone with apple care and you should make a decent $ 1000 at the least. And then you can get a new Treo for 100 dollars

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We have an obnoxious black guy that really gets in the face of the store employees to correct a wrong and it is televised on the 6/7 o’clock news. He loves going for the big guys (hmmm, Apple or AT&T, and BTW everyone I have dealt with at ATT are swine who don’t care a crap about the customers). This is on KING Channel 5 in the Seatte market. is a link to him. Check around to see if there is a consumer advocate in your area. I don’t think selling (dumping) a faulty phone on someone is a real good idea. Good luck.

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Oh no they won’t. They sold me a faulty phone, they better replace it and give me a gift card or something. I’ll just cancel the contract and forget about them, no money from me.

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Let me get this straight: your phone doesn’t work, and it probably won’t until Monday.


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@ Cardinal: an obnoxious black guy, huh? Tell me what his skin color has to do with this.

@ weezy: Ask nicely once this is resolved and AT&T will credit your account, maybe give you a free month for the hassle.

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@ nikipedia

That’s not the point, they !@#$%ed up and I can’t resolve this right now when it was supposed to be done Friday.

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Or if the phone is defective, Apple will replace it. I’ve had good customer service experiences with both companies.

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Well, as I said. The phone works in the mall but not outside of the mall. So, the way I look at it it’s gonna be a while before they think it’s defective.

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there sim cards in the iPhone?

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Yeah, there were SIM cards since they came out in 2007.

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@pupn I have never heard of ATT giving ANYTHING away. I got out of my phone contract at last and still have land line long dist service and so help me, cannot seem to get it disconnected. They have a relationship w/Verizon up here and seem that they are tied together somehow. I think crunch should raise Hell until they give him a new phone.

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They waived a $3000 international data roaming bill for me last summer.

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Apple gives new phones out all the time, what do you think the AppleCare is for?

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Sounds like a hardware issue with the new iPhone. It’ likely that you have a defective unit; if you purchased at an Apple retail store, they should swap the unit out no questions asked; they’re usually really good about those kind of things especially on first release.

crunchaweezy's avatar is the photo side by side with the treo. Defective is what I think is the problem.

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findmyiphone! If you had the service for it that is.

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