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Recommendations for a great vegetarian cook book?

Asked by sofia (153points) July 12th, 2008

I’m looking for a great vegetarian cookbook with recipes that use easy-to-find ingredients and won’t take me an entire evening to make. I have moderate experience in the kitchen and like to try new recipes. Any suggestions?

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These two books by Jeanne Lemlin are good for fast, simple everyday recipes using common ingredients:

Simple Vegetarian Pleasures

Quick Vegetarian Pleasures

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Laurel’s Kitchen is a very good book with lots of yummy recipes.

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Beat one I know of is “Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home” – very tasty vegetarian recipes that can be made in 20 – 30 minutes. Even though I’m not vegetarian anymore, we still cook from this book.

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All of the Moosewood books are great, but my favorite is Simple Suppers – it’s all the stuff that the moosewood chefs cook for their families at home. Nice, simple recipes that don’t take too long and don’t have a million ingredients.

I also really like The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters – it’s not entirely vegetarian, but the meat and poultry sections are considerably smaller than in most cookbooks – it’s at least 75% veggie recipes, and they’re very simple, tasty food. Have fun cooking! =)

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My jtwo favorites have been mentioned here: Mossewood and Laurel’s kitchen.

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mark bittman’s how to cook everything vegetarian is EXCELLENT. he is a hilarious man. he often includes ways to make his recipes vegan. he is brutally honest & irreverant but also clearly has enormous respect for food.

this question would be easier to answer if you told us what you were looking to cook. are you a vegetarian who is beginning to get bored with her options? do you have vedge relatives coming to stay & need ideas for dinner-for-guests? are you looking for an ideal bean salad recipe? do you need to learn how to properly use tofu?

well, no matter. i still say use bittman. moosewood is great too. alice waters might make you feel long-suffering. at least, she has that effect on me.

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try my Vegetarian Cook’s Bible- Pat Crocker
go to click on books to see the book. It has great health and ingredient information and over 250 fabulous fresh and easy recipes. All are tested and most are ready in under 1 hour.

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The Moosewood cookbooks all rock. You should get a bunch of them, you can always find them at used bookstores. You should also check out Deborah Madison. She has a lot of great, easy recipes.

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The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook is a revision of an old favorite at our house.

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The Greens cookbooks are great (there are several). Especially Everyday Greens.

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vegan with a vengeance and veganomincon by isa chandra

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