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Would you live on the brink of starvation to extend your lifespan?

Asked by nikipedia (28080points) July 12th, 2008

A lot of evidence suggests that extremely calorie-restricted diets (with the right balance of nutrients) dramatically increase lifespan. See this article for more. Supposedly it makes you healthier, sharper, and happier, too. Would you do it?

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“glorified anorexia”? delicious.

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No way. Food is one of few things I truly enjoy. What’s the point of being alive if you can’t enjoy the things that make life worth living?

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“life, health, death, wacky cults, sounds miserable”
I think you about summed it up.

These people are insane. Actually insane. Wacko.

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No, because it won’t be much of a happy life to me. And what if I go through all the trouble starving myself for years and I die in some freak accident! I’d be angry. :-/ I try my hardest to eat healthy and I think I’m doing fine (although I love sweets)

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No! Would you like to live with constant hunger pains?

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What does this mean? The actual food that they get to actually eat?

“Now more than ever, I can see her point. Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself how grudgingly appreciative your non-calorie-restricted dinner guests can be—the way they refuse, for instance, to consider themselves properly served unless you’ve given them actual food that they get to actually eat? Contrast this with the far more enthusiastic attitude of Paul McGlothin, who sits to my right before an empty place setting, nursing his water and praising the food on the table almost as if it were on its way to his own mouth instead of everybody else’s. “Looks great! Smells great!” he gushes. “Just watching you guys eat and smelling it, I know that tomorrow, when I break my fast, it’ll just be great. It’ll be terrific!” ”

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Oreos…. Life….... I choose Oreos :)

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Let me swallow this bite of sandwich before I answer…mmm. Ok.

Quote, from the article:
“When you do CR, you’re not just losing fat,” Michael explains. “You’re losing muscle; you’re losing bone.”

I find it compelling that nowhere in the article do they mention proper exercise. The diet just doesn’t seem conducive to an active, healthy lifestyle…

The Rosinaroose comment cracked me up. “It’s just like Weightwatchers!”

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Absolutley not.

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Llive a long miserable life or live a shorter fulfilling life. I believe I shall take the latter. Now if you can get a long fulfilling life on that list, sign me up!

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No, I enjoy a good meal. I wouldn’t consider it.

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