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If a repressive government only allows one Fluther member, how likely is it that the member is state-owned?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) January 16th, 2015

If I thought a member was possibly a government agent, it wouldn’t change my interaction with them, but would make me give less weight to answers about their own country.

This question makes me sad, in that there is now valid doubt.
PM okay.

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This should be good.

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I have no clue who you are talking about. Doesn’t really matter.

The long answer to your answer is—short of the person admitting that he/she works for that government, there is no way for any of us to be sure. So I will maintain the benefit of the doubt and make no changes to my behavior.

I would make two other observations.

1) As a rule, I don’t take as gospel anything that anybody says, I have the feeling that most things are mostly true, but I am skeptical about most everything. So maybe I have built-in skepticism while yours is just now appearing.

2) It’s hard to imagine a government infiltrating an agent into FLuther for any purpose. This isn’t exactly a strategic asset in the US, and (besides being anonymous) none of us are particularly strategically important. This is not a target rich environment.

So what would the person do? Try and have us divulge our feelings about Satanism? Get recipes for corned beef hash? Learn secrets of how to to best wash wool shirts?

@ibstubro – I’m sure you have some reason for asking your question, but, as @dappled_leaves said, the story had better be pretty good.

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It’s probably Milo. I have been very suspicious for a long time; he seems to be burying cryptic notes regularly in piles of leaves and under logs…clearly various drop boxes.

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If there is really only one flutter member from that country, I’d be certain it was a government hire. But really, on Fluther? If that was an attempt at a PR campaign, it doesn’t work very well.

And, the more people caught on that it was a gov’t rep, the more obnoxious the responses. If it’s what I am thinking, I asked about all the pollution. Others asked pointed questions about other ugly aspects of the country.

So, really, not too bright an idea to plant someone, and it generally backfires.

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That person must certainly be glorifying the nation they’re from. ~

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L’état c’est Fluther?

It would have to be the least consequential, most tone-deaf and backward, excuse me “progressive” government that ever was. For that reason I think Milo would be smart enough not to pay someone to post on Fluther.

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Chances would be 50 /50. It could be someone who found a way to access the internet and fell into fluther or it could be a spy and said spy was sending covert messages to another spy, who is in our country,or other countries and figure that fluther seems harmless enough that the nsa or other agencies won’t be reading our messages.
Wow. Now that I think of it. Totally possible. LOL
Wow, now I do believe it is Milo and Milo was never a cat!

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Duh…I found me sum armeh boots up on dem powah lines over yondah.

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@CWOTUS; Le chat, c’est moi.

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Yet another Fluther bullshit rumour spread by idiots with way too much time on their hands.

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Probably, comrade @ucme

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That is obviously a nonsense premise, because the colonial government allows many fluther members.

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^ I have to admit that at first I thought he was talking about the U.S.

@ibstubro – Not sure if you were serious or not. But I am curious about the lifespan of this idea – from origination to its eventual appearance in this question. What was your thought process? And have you concluded anything?

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He is trying to divert attention away from himself.
No doubt that HE is the government agent.

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We only have one German on now. Nope – two! Is one a double agent?

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You may have just called yourself out @elbanditoroso

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Oh man, all my thoughts are been sent to the . . . REDACTED

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(I sometimes wonder what there is to do in the Midwest. Maybe I’m an east coast plant.)

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Wait…there are corned beef hash recipes???

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IF a Jelly here was living under the heavy hand of a repressive government….let’s use N Korea as an example…that Jelly would be with 100% certainty be a government operative who was tasked with studying the various ways we all use our many freedoms to use our grey matter, wit and writing prowess to achieve greatness and rise through the ranks of the many mansions we have as rewards for being members of Fluther. Also I am sure said subversive Jelly would be making a list of certain Jelly’s who would be deemed a certain threat to their subversive way of life and thusly on a hit list….if I was @ucme I would be very afraid.

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Haha, enjoyed that did you @Cruiser?
I have three words that should terrify you, webcam, masturbation & freak :D

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@ucme That should put us both on the most wanted list ;)

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@Cruiser As ya mammy musta told ya, “never bring a knife to a gunfight” ;-}

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Only allows one Fluther member to do what?

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