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Did the universe begin in darkness or in light?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) January 24th, 2015


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Well, since the universe came out of nothingness into somethingness I’d assume nothingness was darkness, until the big bang.
Let there be the light of exploding gasses. lol

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Think of a choc ice & you’re more or less there.

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It was light.

The composition of the universe, from its very beginning, has been dominated by dark matter and dark energy. These do not interact with photons, hence the label “dark”. However the matter in the early universe was around one thousand million million degrees celsius. That means it was a sea of photons, and therefore extremely bright. This light is still visible in a massively redshifted state as the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB). More here.

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@FireMadeFlesh The universe was opaque until it was about 380,000 years old and there was no useful light. Then suddenly it was transparent; so I would go with dark.

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@flutherother It was opaque, but opaque doesn’t mean dark. Photons were being emitted constantly, but they would only travel subatomic distances before being reabsorbed. That certainly isn’t darkness.

In reality the question is a false dichotomy, and the early universe cannot be strictly described as either dark or light.

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The universe before the big bang was in a collapsed state called the big crunch.

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@Yetanotheruser Current data suggests that the total gravity of the universe is not enough to reverse the rate of expansion. In fact the rate of expansion is accelerating. The big crunch theory is looking shaky.

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