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If you only had one. Who would you fulfill or who would you condemn?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) July 14th, 2008

Say you had only one wish, but you could not use it for your own selfishness(not saying that everyone is). This wish you could only bestow on friend or foe.

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In that case my wish would be for my greatest foe to become someone I could befriend.
It’s kind of borderline selfish, but it would stop me disliking him/her and who knows who else they could befriend with a personality transplant.

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I would wish that the person I thought could wield the most power at that moment (probably the president of the US) would become a peace advocate.

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I’d wish for my mother’s body to be healed from the 30+ years of damage the MS has done to it. But this is selfish as well. I want to know what my mother is like without her disease. See Schopenhauer

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That my moms brain surgery on August 21 turns out OK. That would be nice.

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Happiness for my mother, she’s had too much stress and heartache in her life. Of course if I were to be selfish it’d be for her to come home, I hate the distance between us.

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Wow. A wish for a mother is never selfish. My mom, when raising me, was the mother and the father. Its good you guys would return a favor to them, they did give birth to us.

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@dragonflyfaith Your Mother is very lucky to have you in her life. What a wonderful thing to say.

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A pray for your moms surgery, everything will be fine :)

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A wish, mmm….
That the collective (we) can have a nice get together with coffee, food, and a very nice talk in a very nice place, like “fluther live from (insert your favorite place here), featuring playthebajo, astrochuck, johnpowell, PnL, susanc, wildflower, marina and everybody else!”

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I’d wish for the collective that a certain someone would get a life (or a girlfriend.. or both) and stop being such a troll.

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@Allie Amen sista!

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That’s my wish too, Allie! Geez…

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I wish my parents are always happy. I know you said “one person” but i think of them as “one unit” since once can never really be happy if the other isn’t.

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Can I please wish for three more wishes? I would wish that my friend/almost brother recovers physically and mentally from being bashed by his supposed best friend, that my Nanna recovers from the stroke she had on the weekend, and that my best friend can move on with his life as positively as he can after his dad died last week.

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People shouldn’t tamper with with multiple lives no matter how much some people suffer(exceptions for your Nana, hope she feels better). People would never learn anything if you could wish their problems away. But thats still a great response, it shows you really care about your friends and family. And that you would break rules to help them… asking for more wishes! haha

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I agree with you, and I’ve learnt from experience that tampering doesn’t turn out well no matter how good your intentions were. But since you were handing out wishes I thought I’d ask ;)

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