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How can you search for the flutherer?

Asked by nina (895points) July 14th, 2008

It seems that when you put in a Fluther id in the Search box – nothing comes up. Also, it does not appear to be possible to see all the answers given by one person. Am I missing something?

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Swap out ‘nina’ with the name of the Flutherer you are looking for.

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At this point you can’t see all answers given by one person, but you can see some of the more recent questions they asked. as for finding a particular flutherer, do what richard said above^^

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Great Question! Searching for users is too hard. Ben is working on incorporating users into search to fix that. He’s almost done. Look for it later this week or maybe next week at the very latest.

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The search here is kinda weak. Use google instead.

Like this

edit :: I go straight to google. The search here has never helped me find what I wanted.

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We can see what questions were asked by a user on their user page. It would be nice to see their answers too. Not on the same page but as an option.

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@johnpowell It’s a little trickier to show a user’s answers, since they often don’t make sense outside of the context of a question.

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I know.. But it would be easier to spot trends. Like spam. Maybe show only the Title of the question and the response.

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@johnpowell We’ve thought about it. There is an internal view similar to what you’ve described for catching spammers, but it’s for moderators only and it’s a little too crude to release to the masses.

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Did I say user search would be released in a week? I meant a day.

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The search has been released. Never in life has my request been honored so quickly. Maybe I should ask for my other secret wishes to be fulfilled…
Thanks, Fluther

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