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What's the first non-jailbreak app you've downloaded for your iPhone? Why that one?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) July 10th, 2008

The App Store is up.

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Remote, then Monkey Ball.

The iTunes Remote app is very cool and responsive – it’ll make controlling music streaming from my Mac across AirTunes to my home stereo much easier.

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etch a sketch!

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Wait, how are you downloading non-jailbreak apps if the 2.0 firmware isn’t out yet (even if the iTunes 7.7 is)?

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Hahaha, I totally set my location to New Zeland and it’s there now…wtf
But it won’t let me login and download because my account is for the US. So I’m stuck with no app store…lame.

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Yes!!! App store is up! I didn’t know that! Time to go crazy and find some cool stuff!

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I got remote control, ebay, I bought cookie bonus solitaire (because I’m a member of the web version) I’m planning on get the monkey ball and others that I don’t remember the names, I’m just waiting to see if we will be able to see or play a preview..

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How do I make my account able to buy the app store? It says I can only make purchases in the US store.

Apple people are jerks. I have a store balance so I can’t switch countries without spending it. Curse you Apple!!!

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Wait, I’m confused. How do I get the software update and the app store? Do I do it through the itunes store? Because I don’t see anything…

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Remote, Facebook, Loopt, Ebay, Paypal, Pownce, Monkey Ball, Where, Twitterific, and AIM.

If you need to do the update, download the lastest version of iTunes then go over to to download the update. iTunes hasnt posted it yet but it works. It does take awhile due to the fact that its a complete rework of the OS. But wait awhile and it work. Im running it now.

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Does it work for the iPod Touch too, or just the iPhone?

Sorry for going off topic, Rob.

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Just the iPhone. Nothing has been released for the iPod Touch yet.

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Damn you, Apple.

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Yeah, that’s annoying….

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So I clicked the link on for AIM, and apparently have that downloaded it, so there’s my first app!

(Even though it doesn’t show up on my phone and I have no idea what to with it or how to access any other apps.)

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You can get apps in iTunes now. You just can’t use them one the iPod Touch yet.

If you have a iPhone this will help.

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Facebook and then MySpace!

Now lots of games and such. I’m at about 50 right now.

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Do they give you more maximum home screens, or is it still 8?

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The Remote app for iPhone sounds brilliant…

This changes the game in my living room. Completely. My media center’s remote is now more powerful than any computer I bought in the 1990s.

- Bill Bumgarner

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I love the flashlight one. So simple, yet so needed. The dark home screen just doesn’t cut it at night in my upstairs hallway where the light has needed to be fixed for years.

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@eambos, it was never 8, it was always 9 and i believe it still is

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Excuse me. I meant 8 additional home screens.

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ahh, true. and i hope u didnt take offense to my post, i was just stating, didnt mean for it to come across rude

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Got up at a quarter of six this morning, and checked first thing. Then upgraded to iTunes 7.7 before heading back to macrumors and following the links in to the App Store. Downloaded Twitterific first, them eBay and Facebook. Headed home to fight my family for the computer so I can download some more. I’ve been giddy all day.

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Remote was the first! It is sweet! I scared the crap out of my wife with it!

I also bought Band!

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How much is band? That’s one that I’m really stoked for.

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Is iPhone 2.0 already out?

When will the 2.0 software be released for iPod touch?!?!?!

Cant wait any longer!!!!! D-:

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I believe it will be 8 AM tomorrow in whatever timezone you live in.

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AIM cause I’ve been missing a real AIM app since I got rid of my sidekick last year

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Band is $9.99, and not really worth it! Don’t get me wrong; it’s cool, but not worth $10.

Well, I’m gonna go check out some more apps in the store! The remote is the bomb!

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I had band when I was jailbroken for a while. I agree that it shouldn’t be worth $9.99. At least that’s $10 I can put towards something else.

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Monkey Ball

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iPint is pretty cool, and the best part is it’s free!

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