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What food do you like prepared one way, but not another?

Asked by JLeslie (59782points) March 5th, 2015 from iPhone

I like fresh strawberries, but I don’t like strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry coulis.

I like chocolate candy and cake, but I don’t like chocolate ice cream.

I don’t drink coffee, but I love almost every type of dessert made with coffee flavor.

I love cooked mushrooms, but don’t like them raw.

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I like raw broccoli, but not cooked broccoli.

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I like my dog stir fried, cut in stripes.
I hate dog steak, so tough.

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I don’t like mustard, except in 1) baked beans, 2) potato salad, 3) on hot dogs.

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Popcorn. I like the theater popcorn with butter throughout better.

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I like strawberry shortcake, but with no strawberries. Just the juice.

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I don’t like sun dried tomatoes but I like tomato sauce, ketchup and raw tomatoes.

I don’t like warm dishes with mustard but I like mustard on some sandwiches and hot dogs.

I don’t like mayo on sandwiches (when it’s spread with the meat) but I like mayo when it’s in things like potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad.

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I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it…

I like big butts & I canno…

I like tomato soup & yet despise tomatoes.

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I like blue channel crabs steamed with seasoning or deep fried in batter but I don’t like them boiled. I like mayonnaise on sandwiches and in tuna, chicken and shrimp salad but I wont eat it mixed in any kind of pasta salad.

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Oh yeah @ucme reminded me I hate tomato soup.

I also like peas but I hate pea soup.

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Pea soup but not peas alone.

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I like raw carrots, shudder at the thought of eating cooked. Cauliflower about the same.

Canned potatoes and peas are disgusting. Fresh or frozen are favorites.

I won’t touch a sweet potato unless in a pie or smothered in butter, brown sugar and marshmallows.

I will eat Harvard beets, but no other variation.

I like savory rice, but it disgusts me to think of putting sweets in, on, or around rice. Even rice cakes.

I’m not fond of hazelnuts, but like the flavoring.

I have yet to discover an edible use for hominy or okra.

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Carrots – only diced or julienned or stewed. Can’t take them any other way.

I like kimchi-flavoured stuff but not kimchi itself.

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I like fig bars, but I don’t like figs.
I like hot coffee but I don’t like it iced or any treat or candy that is coffee flavored.
I like ham, but I don’t like ham hocks or pig feet.
I ,like French onion dip flavored chips, but I don’t like French onion dip.

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This can be a very annoying trait, by the way.

My S/O cannot stand the sight of a bean or the thought of an onion, but likes chili. WTH?

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I like chili without red kidney beans and extra hamburger.

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In general, I can’t stand eggplant, except in this Indian dish called Bharta

I love everything made with tomatoes, including salsa fresca, marinara sauce, ketchup, tomato soup, and Shakshouka, but I don’t like the texture of big thick slices of tomato, or raw tomatoes by themselves, except for those itty bitty grape tomatoes. I like tomatoes just fine, thinly sliced on a sandwich, but the idea of a side order of sliced tomatoes is just ghastly.

I like raw crookneck squash sliced up and thrown into salads, but I don’t like it cooked. It gets all mushy and gross when it’s cooked.

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I like peas, including pea soup, but I hate mushy peas.

I don’t mind fish cooked in batter or breadcrumbs, but I don’t like it cooked in other ways such as steamed fish.

I like sultanas, currants and raisins but I don’t like them included in hot, savoury foods. For instance, while I like curry, I hate curries that have sweet fruits in them.

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@Earthbound_Misfit You just reminded me that I love raisins in Raisin Bran cereal and in oatmeal cookies, but I don’t like them by themselves out loose and all.

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All these answers made me think of many more examples.

I too hate mayo used as a spread on bread, but I do use a little bit in tuna and chicken salad.

I don’t like fresh tomatoes except in pico de gallo with lots and lots of lime juice in it. I do like tomato sauces and ketchup.

I don’t like figs, but I do like fig newtons. (I never would have thought of it).

I like nectarines and peaches, but hate peach pie and peach cobbler.

I love oranges, but hate most things flavored with orange. Tastes like baby aspirin from back in the day. This includes creamsicles and most candies.

I like melted cheddar cheese, but would never eat it cold. Cheese boards are the very last thing I would fathom ordering at a restaurant. Basically, that’s true for all cheeses, the only exception is mozzarella. Mozzarella is the only cheese I can think of I will eat cold.

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I can’t stand raw onion, but I love onion rings or when they are sauteed for a dish.

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Soft-boiled egg (4.5 minutes) but not hard-boiled.

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Love orange juice, but won’t eat an orange :)

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Love grapes and plums, detest raisins and prunes.
Raisin pie garden slug pot pie makes me queasy to even look at.

Yet, a nice plump raisin in an oatmeal cookie is nice. lol

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I love onions caramelized and cooked in braises and sauces but cant stand them raw. That gives me a horrible headache. Theres something about the chemical composition of raw onions.

Im also fine with onion powder and toasted granulated onions is one of my favorite additives to things in which raw diced onions would be typically used like salads etc. Its also great on most sandwiches and on top of baked or mashed potatoes.

I buy the toasted onion granules by the pound from Penzey’s Spices and go through several pounds a year. It tastes very similar to caramelized onions. Delicious.

Theres an old fashioned diner nearby where they cook most things from scratch where we occasionally go. Usually there spaghetti and pasta dishes are great with handmade sauce but every once in a while the well cooked sauce ends up having small diced pieces of raw onions ( as if they were added in after the rest of the sauce had been fully cooked) WTH who in their right mind does that??

So I end up having to exchamge it for a different dish completely. Annoying.

Have you ever encountered something like that? Who on earth wants to crunch down on raw onions in a cooked dish? In salads its expected but not in tomato sauce. Yukk.

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