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Does the TV show "Scandal" get better or continue to go downhill?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38463points) March 9th, 2015

I watch TV via Netflix for 3 reasons: the shows are commercial free, are available when I want, and I can stop and go back in case I miss a word or two. That means I am always watching something at least a season of two behind. I’m fine with it.

I watched the series “Breaking Bad” and absolutely loved it. Someone suggested “Scandal” to me so I thought I’d give it a try. I finished the first season and am nearing the end of the second but I am find every episode stupider than the previous.
She “can’t do this any more” but sleeps with him anyway. He “can’t do this any more” but sleeps with her. It seems like half the dialog is a repeat of the previous sentence only spoken louder and more slowly. “I can’t do this any more.” “But I need you.” “I – can’t – do -this – any – more.”
Every person appears to be unaware that offices can be bugged – yet they use bugs for their purposes. Door locks are picked in seconds and no one uses even the simplest of alarms like magnetic switches, or even a coke bottle with a piece of string and scotch tape.
Before I get further in and invest more of my life on the show can someone please tell me if it gets better?

And while we are at it. How the heck does the Pope manage to keep her hair and makeup perfect all the time even after doing what she can’t do any more? Likewise what hormone are the guys taking that give them facial hair that grows to a length of 1.5 mm and stops?

I don’t need to know the plot. I just want to know if I should continue. All opinions are welcome.

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Never heard of it, sounds shit though.
Must be a love/hate relationship you got going on there.
Not a patch on MacGyver eh?

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I have heard about this series but never watched it. I Do know that Black people are all into this show. I Hear them talking about it wherever I go.
<watch now I will be called a racists>

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I would suggest trying The Wire and The Hour either via Netflix, or as I do it, from my interlibrary loan program (for free).

I am now watching season 4 of The Wire depiction of Baltimore…police, politicians, drug dealers and the general life of the most downtrodden.

From the little I have seen of The Scandal, it looked awful

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@ucme MacGyver it ain’t. Although one guy uses a paper clip, a piece of tin foil, and an old calculator to crack the CIA’s computer system and steal personnel records for all their spies.
It is supposed to have clever plots flavored with intrigue and deception. The story line is about the inner working of the White House and how various agencies work to help cover up scandals while furthering their own agendas. I will admit there are some clever moments.
I find myself thinking ahead and predicting how will they spin a disaster to come out smelling like a rose. I am usually wrong.

These are supposedly intelligent people. Hasn’t anyone figured out that window glass is transparent? If you are a public figure constantly hounded by paparazzi and plan on having illicit sex with an aide, close the damn curtains! Sheesh! It’s not that hard.

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^^ check your email.

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Curiously, Dominick West plays a lead in both The Wire and the Hour…one as a Bal’more cop and the other as an upper crust Brit, speaking with a BBC accent. He is apparently A Brit by birth, born in Yorkshire. But he sure sounds like a cop from Baltimore when he wants to.

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Oh my god, those details killed me: I….can’t….do this…anymore..

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So what is this show about?

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@ragingloli Apparently it’s about someone that can’t do “this” anymore, but continures to do “this”. I’m riveted.

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GQ just for the details. I’ve never watched the show so I thought I’d take a look to see what others had to say, then I read those details. I giggled.

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I have this recorded. I thought it was a political thriller but your description makes it sound more like a soap opera with dialogue written by the Shades of Grey lady. I’m wondering if I should bother watching it now.

@gailcalled, Dominic West is also in The Affair. Both leads are British.

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^ Do bother trying it out. I’ve watched a few episodes, and while I’m not thrilled, neither am I horrified. I do get annoyed at Pope’s perfect appearance, but – well – that’s TV. Actors are styled, many of them overly so. Regardless, I like many of the characters, I like the humour, and I ignore the occasional sappy scene.

A friend whose recommendation I trust suggested Scandal. She has introduced me to House of Cards and likes Downton Abbey, Modern Family and Community. If she says it’s good, I’m giving it a real chance.

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I intentionally left out details so I would not give away any of the plot or sub-plot twists.

I will give you a hint. I work with sensitive electronic equipment that might or might not be subjected to high electromagnetic fields. All sensor wires are shielded, twisted pairs at a rate of “X” twists per foot. If you were to plot the number of times one or the other person says “I can’t do this any more” you would perfectly describe the wire – including the shield and current drain.

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@BeenThereSaidThat :: I am going to call you a racist until you explain why “I Do know that Black people are all into this show.” adds anything to the conversation. You brought race into it.

I actually think the show is pretty good if you have a lot of free time. But I watch The Real World so I might not be the best judge.

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“Sit down.” “No I need to – ” “Sit Down!” “No I need to – ” “Sit ! ... Down !.. Now !” (And they sit.)

I hope people don’t believe the government really works that way. On commercial TV there are “CSI Someplace” shows where investigators find a molecule of hemoglobin and determine the killer was wearing leather shoes and smoked tobacco only sold in a shop on a side street in South Side Chicago where the killer’s girlfriend’s uncle lived. Got him!
On this show, someone dies and all evidence is perfectly removed and/or manipulated to make it look like something else. How do they fix lividity and gravity? Why are there never witnesses? With all the cameras nothing is saved? Why hasn’t anyone thought of having a backup, stand-alone security camera system for $300? Or even a $75 NannyCam to watch the office. Infuriating.
I will try to stick with it a little longer by forcing myself to suspend disbelief. I’ll try.

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“The Secretary’s underage daughter is pregnant!” “Tell me how you know.” “I can’t!” Tell – Me – How -You – Know!” “Oh, Ok!” “I cracked a traffic camera on 3rd and Vine and picked up a reflection on a van window that flashed a view through the front window of the Secretary’s house and into the pantry. I double enhanced the image and saw 3 cans of tuna fish and a pill bottle of folic acid supplements – both with expiration dates of 12/2017. And we all know the Secretary is vegetarian!” “OK! We’ll stage a break-in, shoot the robber, and rub tuna oil on his hands so it will appear that he stopped to have a snack just before accidentally shooting himself in the head. Then we’ll stage a sit in at a clinic downtown to distract the press while you take the daughter to the other clinic under an assumed name.”
Hey Olivia! Skip the wine tonight and get four of these for your office and home!

I am not sure I’ll make it to Season 3.

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I really like the show… but your points are all valid.

The show does not morph into anything technically/socially/politically accurate, although there are some good twists this season.

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@Cupcake There are some clever moments, although I miss a few with the fast dialog. You wrote: “there are some good twists this season.” By “this season” do you mean season 3 or season 4? I’m not sure I can make it.
I might make it more interesting by drinking a shot of something every time one of the two changes his/her mind about their relationship.
I don’t know about you but if someone spoke to me like that I would be hard pressed to make love to them for at least 10 years. Are people really able to turn it on and off like a switch? I sure can’t. I also can’t double enhance a reflection to determine the expiration date on a milk carton.

By the way I just tracked your IP address, hacked in to the nearby traffic cam in your neighborhood via the Mayor’s daughter’s email account, reflected the image off the front window of your across the street neighbor and see that there is a chunk of dirty ice at the end of your driveway. Be careful when you go out today.
Oh, and you are running low on tuna fish and facial tissues.

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@LuckyGuy I thought the season on TV now was season 3… but I just googled and found that it is season 4. So Season 4 has some good twists.

I watch it with closed captioning on.

You can find lots of drinking games to go along with Scandal.

I am perpetually null on tuna fish… so that makes sense. Creeper.

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@Cupcake. :-) I picked up some pointers from the expert with the perpetual 3 day beard growth.
Careful about that ice.

Wow! Per your suggestion I googled “Drinking games while watching Scandal” and clearly I am not the first person to think of it. I found this:
“The “Scandal” Drinking Game Rules:

Drink whenever Olivia or her team refer to themselves or are referred to as “gladiators.”
Drink whenever someone says the phrase “white hat.”
Drink when Olivia and the president have a secret night-time phone conversation.
Drink when Huck says something that makes everyone else uncomfortable.
Drink when Huck is socially awkward.
Drink when Quinn screws something up.
Drink when the musical montage begins after the team has accepted a case.
Drink when Olivia refers to the president as “Fitz.”
Drink when Mellie intentionally sabotages the president for her own benefit.
Drink when Mellie gets her crazy eyes.
Drink when Olivia’s lips quiver before she goes off on somebody.
Drink when Cyrus orders Charlie to put out a hit/spy on somebody.
Drink when Olivia has a glass of wine and/or eats popcorn for dinner.
Drink when Olivia wears something other than white.
Drink whenever Harrison defends Olivia.
Drink whenever someone mentions “Defiance.”
Finish your drink when Olivia actually smiles.
Finish your drink when the president and Mellie actually show genuine affection to each other.
Finish your drink when someone gets the jump on Huck.
Finish your drink when you didn’t see that coming (no cheating).”

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I watched two more episode and they are definitely more fun when I just go with the flow and don’t criticize.
I have started to keep track of how many times they use the “repeat the statement louder and more slowly” to get the opposite/better answer.
(Also how many times more than half the scene is intentionally blocked by glass or a close up door frame.)

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She was pregnant for one season… so they tried to “creatively” cover her pregnancy.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it more.

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I figured they were shooting with an iphone and needed to fill space. :-)

Yes, I decided to stop spitting into the wind and just let myself go with it.

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~ There are conspiracy theorists who believe the Jewish minority secretly runs the country and the world. Now we know another minority is in control.

(My pancakes were a tad mushy this morning. I think I’ll have the waitress killed, and the cook, and the manager, and the delivery guy and any customers who happen to like pancakes made that way. Don’t bother to call 911. The police won’t find any evidence.)

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Huh. I’m revising my original answer after watching the first two seasons.

No, Scandal is not a great show. The characters are well developed, and the story is gripping – but the writing is terrible, at times. I’ve been able to guess major plot twists, and the repetitive dialogue is getting to me, too. Of course, by now, I am hooked, so I will probably be watching a few more episodes. Based on experience, my enthusiasm will wane as soon as I am caught up – waiting for episodes of a show I don’t absolutely love is not something I enjoy.

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