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Does being punched in the balls hurt at any age?

Asked by ragingloli (47249points) March 11th, 2015

Or do you have to be a certain age for it to start hurting?
Someone needs to do a scientific study on this.

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Why on earth would it not? I can’t imagine that, can you? Don’t they require even really young kids playing sports to wear a cup? It’s certainly not for a fashion statement.

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A little off topic, but a friend of mine went to Las Vegas for a weekend and saw some guy standing on a corner with a sign saying “kick me in the nuts for $20.00”.
People were paying to kick him and she said it obviously hurt him. He appeared to be in his early 20’s.

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I’m just going to copy this here before it gets deleted; ultra turbo dick puncher.

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Did you see the guy on AGT (Americas Got Talent) for whom that was his “talent”, taking shots to the nuts?

Here’s hoping he isn’t planning on having kids :)

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Volunteers for that study would be a pretty weird mob @ragingloli.

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@Buttonstc I missed that! Talent abounds on that show.

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I’ve never been punched in the knackers, had them kicked, kneed & hit with a football, but never thumped.
I’d imagine the worst age to be thwacked would be when elderly, them bags are gonna swing up ya arse crack & wedge themselves up there, horrid, simply horrid.

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I was about 7 when I discovered their relatively low pain threshold.

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Thankfully I can’t provide personal testicle-mony, but I’m betting the answer is a resounding YES.

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Don’t boys have to be a certain age before their testicles fully descend? I would think it would hurt less before then.

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I remember slipping off the pedals of my bicycle as a young boy and smacking my doo dads on the top tube of the hurt like Hell!

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Why would it be worth doing any sort of study? To do such a study you would have to find some sadistic researchers (likely divorced women) and a large group of masochistic men. The first group would be easy to find, the second not so much.

Yes it hurts. The lower they descend the more it hurts.

But you can get just as painful a result in other ways.

- Sitting down in a small toilet seat (large = 17 inches or more, small – 14”) and not watching to make sure the testicles clear the rim.

- Having your pants – jeans ride up too high and squeezing

- sliding down a bannister in an unbalanced way.

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I seem to remember being shocked the first time I really got caught, so I don’t think it hurt before I was school age at least.

For whatever reason, we didn’t start wearing cups in baseball until 10 or so.

I’m getting a new test subject son in three months. I’ll give him a weekly thump until he tells me to stop. For science!

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I have always wondered why they would mske boys bikes with thst bar across there. That makes no sense at all. Why not make all bikes witjout that center bar?

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Pretty much pain will be felt from the git-go, As soon as nerves have developed in and around the testes pain will be felt. Testes begin forming in baby boys starting at 4 weeks of pregnancy.

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Pretty sure it does. There is a certain population that likes it, believe it or not.

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Here is a couple of things I did not realize (bold):

The cremasteric muscle is part of the spermatic cord. When this muscle contracts, the cord is shortened and the testicle is moved closer up toward the body, which provides slightly more warmth to maintain optimal testicular temperature. When cooling is required, the cremasteric muscle relaxes and the testicle is lowered away from the warm body and is able to cool. It also occurs in response to stress (the testicles rise up toward the body in an effort to protect them in a fight). There are persistent reports that relaxation indicates approach of orgasm.[citation needed] There is a noticeable tendency to also retract during orgasm.[citation needed]

The cremaster muscle can reflexively raise each testicle individually if properly triggered. This phenomenon is known as the cremasteric reflex. The testicles can also be lifted voluntarily using the pubococcygeus muscle, which partially activates related muscles.

I wonder if you can make them move individually like the pecs? Nip Synch Video I couldn’t find a video of testicles doing this.

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@rojo So…shrinkage?

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@rojo Japanese Sumo wrestlers have learned to use this to pull their junk inside before a match. They release it after a match while in a hot tub. another example of the infinite trivia I possess.

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It always hurts like hell.

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@rojo Whoa dude, one more reason why balls rule.

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