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Have you ever tried a chocolate beer?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19389points) March 16th, 2015

It’s a dark lager with just a hint of a chocolate taste, and it’s pretty good coming from a guy that doesn’t really care that much for beer.
No I am not selling it, just wondering if other people have tried it, or will try it.

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Yup, Workman’s Lunch by Fullsteam in Durham, NC.

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Yes. I’ve had Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

I found it okay. Drinkable. I usually hate most beers.

Not as good as banana bread beer.

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Yes, a bitterish taste. The tiniest scent of chocolate. Now I want to try banana bread beer.

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I have tried chocolate wine. Kind of a different experience though.

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Would that make Willy Wonka an alcoholic? Or should that be an alcochocolick?

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@Mi,mishu1995 actually it is a bit disappointing. You expect something else but it is just bitter beer

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I want my beer to taste like beer and my chocolate to taste like chocolate. That sounds like it’s messing with nature.

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I already hate beer. Why aggravate it by ruining chocolate with it?

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I’ve tried and brewed several.

Surprisingly, lot of chocolate beers don’t actually contain chocolate. They just use darker roasted malts that provide the similar flavor notes as chocolate.

If your looking for an interesting beer flavor, try a black & tan with a chocolate stout and a lighter fruitier beer like seadog blueberry ale. It’s kinda like heaven.

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I have had a very dark beer described as a chocolate stout, not because it contains or tastes like chocolate, but because of the color. On the website for Highland Brewery, the description states that their “Black Mocha Stout” derives its chocolate and coffee tones from the use of appropriate roasted malt grains…

The term “chocolate stout” is similar to the coffee term “mocha”. In many instances the term is used to describe a variety of “caffè mocha’; but the term “mocha” actually refers to a type of arabica coffee available only from Yemen. I attended a coffee-tasting in 1979 or 1980 where a coffee from these beans was featured. There were some chocolate notes in the nose, and some lingering in the after-taste, but there was no chocolate used in either the roasting or the brew.

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Yea; they’re gross.

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Sounds yucky to me.

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Actually, there is a “chocolate malt” used to make beer. It’s a particular roast that gives beer the signature chocolate color and imparts a caramel-ish flavor that is common in stouts and porters.

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Yep, Love the Youngs Double Chocolate and last week I had a Shiner 106 Birthday Beer which was a chocolate stout. Very drinkable but not a session beer.

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Yeah, I’ve had a number of them. It has to be a really cold winter day outside, otherwise it’s just too heavy. Rogue chocolate stout is pretty bitchin.

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I think I’ll open a pub specializing in these types of brews. I’ll call it The Chocolate Bar!

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@Yetanotheruser I would frequent that establishment.

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