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What are some ideas for figurines for a Final Fantasy VI stop-motion?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) March 17th, 2015

I had this dream the other night where I filmed a stop-motion animation adapting Final Fantasy VI. I’ve done a lot of stop-motion animations before and this dream really inspired me to want to do this.

The issue is that there are virtually no Final Fantasy VI figurines, so I have to be creative in figuring out what to use in order to properly represent each character.
So far what I have figured out are:

Celes – I have Princess Leia in her ceremony dress from A New Hope, that’s pretty close.

Shadow – I have a ninja from GI Joe – that was easy. Done. I even have several ideas for what to do for his dog Interceptor.

Umaro – I have a wampa from Star Wars

Strago – I have several Obi-wan Kenobi figurines I could use for him.

And that’s about it. To refresh your memory I have left:

Edgar (Although I kind of have something in mind, but not sure)
Mog (although I assume there are many Moogle figurines I can easily find)
Kefka (I saw that there’s an official figurine of his final form, which I just have to get. But to depict his normal, everyday person I have no idea)

Lastly, I’m not sure about Setzer’s airship. I have a Fisher-Price pirate ship but I need some way to make a blimp to attach to it. Or maybe just find some big blimp toy.

Any creative ides are welcome, or pointers to toys you know off the top of your head that can help. The figurines can’t be too big. The ones I already have set are regular sized figurines you see in Target and whatever, about the size of a Star Wars action figure.

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Have you considered making 3d models and then doing virtual stop-motion (like the last Lego-Movie)?

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You can illuminate a piece of glass or a crystal with a laser pointer to simulate magicite.

Will you be posting in Vimeo?

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Relm could be a polly pocket maybe.

Also, is this ready yet? Getting impatient! :)

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Did they ever make any figurines for Highlander I wonder? If they did, for either the movie or that crappy cartoon, try to find a Ramirez figurine, he looks exactly like Cyan.
For Terra you could possibly use a Sailor Neptune doll, although you may have to find a red ensemble for her.

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Maybe a super sayin hair do for Terra’s esper form but freeza’s body

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Whoaaaa For some reason Fluther never notified my email about these. I thought nobody cared. Haha.

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